Sue McConville’s Weekly Business Management Tip #3 – Work Will Take Up as Much Time as You let it – September 26, 2011

Sue McConville


Not Enough Time?

CFN – Last week I wrote about goal setting and communicating your goal to another person. I received a personal email that said:  “That’s a nice idea and might work with my husband and kids but it sure won’t help me at work.  I am a supervisor and have a steady stream of needy people at my door every day. I look after them and then when they go home, I start my job”.  It was signed “Overwhelmed”.

Her email brought back memories of a few years ago when I was working a 60-70 hour work week – for exactly the same reasons, or so I thought.

At the time a very smart coach said to me that “Work will take up as much time as you let it”.  It is all about accountability, communication, and boundaries.

Overwhelmed – this one is for you.  First, make your staff accountable for their jobs.  Secondly, you need to communicate with them that you have a job to do as well and responsibilities to your boss.  Finally, you need boundaries that are manageable and respected by all.

All this is much easier said than done!  Host a meeting and set out your new guidelines.  Communicate your daily schedule to your direct reports and others. Unless their need is both very urgent and very important, ask them to defer their questions for an hour.  Then, be strong – close your office door and get your work done. Know that you deserve to spend time with your family as well.

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