Prescott Russell All Candidates Debate Marred by Alleged Threats to Liberal candidate Grant Crack – September 27, 2011

Prescott - Russell LIberal candidate Grant Crack

CFN – The All candidates debate in Embrun Ontario took a wild turn as an audience member, one Dave Brown, allegedly threatened Liberal candidate Grant Crack.

“He’s dead.  Dead alright” 

Mr. Brown was quoted as saying to an aide to Mr. Crack.

Events heated over the “Dump the Dump” issue that is hot in Russell.   Residents are charged over the potential for a Dump or recycling facility in their area, but as Mayor Crack stated to us on this morning.

“There isn’t even a proposal yet.”

One bystander at the event we talked to suggested that it was bad politics and bullying on the part of one of Mr. Crack’s opponents.

We’ve emailed the other candidates for their take on this and we will be updating as more information is made available.

While Mr. Crack downplayed the words of the alleged threat he suggested that there was no room in politics for threats and intimidation of any sort.

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  1. The Not In MY Backyard crowd once again shows their lack of understanding.

  2. Is this what they’re building these tough on crime super prisons for? Probably not, since it’s one of their own that appears to have made the threat… Oh wait, lets go find a worse than a rapist potsmoker and put them in jail for that…. for at least 2 years should be sufficient to teach this con-jobber a lesson…

  3. I wonder if Embrun would like to have a Super-prison instead…. 🙂 That way they can house all the thugs in their town hall meetings…

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