TV Debate Over – No Knock Outs – Hudak Falls Further Behind – Comment by Jamie Gilcig – September 28, 2011

CFN – So the big tv debate is over.   Dalton, Tim, and Andrea duked it out.   Did you watch it?   If the numbers are indicative of the vote next week we may have a very underwhelming turnout.

The debate itself was a snore  fest.   No new ground covered.   The juice was seeing the gladiator skills of the leaders.    It was an opportunity for the Premier to brush aside the two rookies and it was an opportunity for the rooks to take down the big cheese.

They all failed.   They all missed opportunities and all had a few shining moments.

Tim Hudak fared better than I personally expected in his delivery, but his Changebook really doesn’t change anything.   It doesn’t make much sense and the change it does offer is kinda scary.   His performance and delivery though was better than the premier in that he delivered his message more strongly; the fact that those messages are weak and empty vessels that could only damage an economy and our provinces future during what could be a cataclysmic global economic downturn while having to hammer out a new health accord is not something most seniors and concerned Ontarian’s really relish.

Mr. McGuinty’s biggest flaw of the night was simply not communicating his and his government’s successes well enough.   Yes it’s tough to play defense as he fended off his two opponents, but he not only didn’t deliver the knock out blows, but simply didn’t pound home why he should have a third majority mandate.      People really do like stability, vision, and the strength of character to make sometimes unpopular decisions; but this was a televised debate.  While most voters want those things, they still want to feel assured they’re making the right choice emotionally.

Andrea Horvath was an interesting watch.   She kept doing that neck thing to emphasize some of her points, but she was a bit petulant in her delivery; a bit Nyah Nyah, complaining to Tim Hudak that he borrowed some of her party concepts.  Someone pointed out that when your hands are facing yourself the way Ms Horvath was during the debate it signifies selfishness…

Mostly though she was doing the yappy dog thing; talking over the others and doing a bit of a screaming mimi.   The whole make over thing to emulate Hilary Clinton was a bit too obvious too.   There is only one Hilary; and the one Andrea was paying tribute to (the 90’s version) just wasn’t cutting it.

Andrea is no Hilary; but as one political wag was telling me near midnight she did show promise that with some maturity might make her a good leader of the opposition.

And that’s where I think this debate leads us; with a Premier that’s flirting with a 3rd majority; a NDP candidate that if vote splitting hits and there’s no reason to think it won’t will be the leader of the opposition; and Tim Hudak being banished; maybe back to that beer store he waxed about.

Oh and Tim.  Who was in charge of the province while you were working that beer store job?

How do you think the debate went?   You can post your comments below.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

Best Western Cornwall


  1. I did not see Horvath’s hands, a gentleman does not look below the eyes. LOL

    I though they all did well. The personal comments (Horvath’s family working at the car plant or Hudak’s daughter’s sad need for extended medical) were a human touch.

    The one comment I remember though – Mr. McGuinty, no one believes you anymore.

  2. I watched it all and thought that Tim Hudak won the debate handily. He spoke of smaller government, better support for families and lower taxes. He far outshone Andrea Horwath who spent more time interjecting into discussions by the others. Dalton McGuinty was his sly self trying to weasel out of everything they laid on his doorstep. Tim Hudak was the winner.

  3. Author

    Hi Eric. It was a woman that shared that insight with me. 🙂

  4. I think it was a excellent opportunity for all three major party leaders to present themselves to the public. It was broadcasted by all the major television networks in Ontario. TVO even streamed it on the net. People had the chance to watch it if they choose to do so. I watched it cause it was my choice to do so.

    All three leaders presented themselves very well but we must remember they are human and nobody is perfect. Every person who watched Dalton McGinty, Tim Hudak and Andrea Horvart will decide for themselves how these leaders performed. Each person will form their own opinion. That’s what we humans do.

    Mr. Jamie Gilcig has expressed his opinion in this open free market competitive media communications channel. This service Cornwall Free News is provide to us by private business orientated individuals who voluntary decided to work together to provide willing participates (us) an opportunity to acquire community information and knowledge. An honorable mission by some people for some people who willingly engage themselves. I engage myself, in fact I drive myself.

    In last night’s debate, six (6) questions were presented regarding; Jobs, Debts, Senior Support, Political Honesty, Post – Secondary Student Support and Limited Private Health Care Delivery. I will only present my opinion on that last question “Private Health Care”.

    Only Andrea Horvath answered that question directly. She stated that her NDP party was totally against private health care. Both Dalton McGuinty and Tim Hudak avoided answering the question directly. In my opinion both gentlemen gave hints that they might seek Private Free Market solutions to remedy health care problems. Its too bad, that the other competing political party leaders were not invited to participate such as my own party leader Mr. Sam Apelbaum of the Ontario Libertarian Party. That’s just the way it is. Organizations are free to invite only who they decide to invite. That is their freedom.

    Now, I personally disagree with the NDP platform. First, it is the Free Market that create health care. People who willingly cared about other people decided to offer help. Free Enterprise people created band-aids to hospitals. The free market people offered health care services for free or for a fee. It is the peoples choice to offer and to accept health care as as they themselves see fit to do. Free people create solution.

    Central control only creates problems for the people. Volunteer nuns created hospitals but the government decided to take control of the free market in health care. Are you satisfied with the results of government controlled health care? Why was the question of Limited Private Health Care even asked in last night’s debate. Because only the private free market will find health care solutions and they are planting that idea in the back of our minds. We will get more private health care.

    Now, I want to plant an idea. Who should make your decisions? Do you want to choose for yourself or do you want others to choose for you. The NDP have boldly stated that they will choose for you. They will control how much health care they choose to grant you. You will not be given the freedom to choose how much health care you want for yourself. The NDP are totally against you choosing to seek health care solutions from the private free market.

    As a Libertarian, I state that you are free to choose for yourself. It’s your life.

    My name is Darcy Neal Donnelly and that is my opinion of last night’s political Leader debate.

  5. I do not remember the actual wording but Horvath said she wanted to have a fund in case of need. Upon looking at her online documents, it is a 2 billion dollar fund, that is double what the Liberals want! I think taxing us for more money than they need to operate, so the government can have a bank account instead of me, is wrong.

  6. Notwithstanding what Darcy went on about regarding “private free market solutons ” (which I think is an oxymoron), you all made sound points.

    The funny thing is that most of you will say that your favourite won the debate. The PC party was the winner by far….or the “be the first to declare yourself the winner” contest….but perhaps not the debate.

    Honestly, Jamie G is correct. No clear stand-out. I agree that Hudak presented better than many would expect. Horwath did quite well as well and while I don’t think McGuinty hit it out of the park….he did the equivalent of fighting off two attackers with one hand behind his back…..he may not have won the debate but he’s certainly earned his black belt!

    According to a global research group, McGuinty came off looking the most “premier-like” whatever the hell that means. I think this debate was good to remind ppl who each candidate was but won’t convince people to change their minds if they were already made up…..Eric. 🙂

    The debate raised my blood pressure a bit especially when Hudak stated that no one believes Dalton….I wonder who believes Timmy though…after all the oscillations and lack of PC party backing.

    Dalton’s biggest score of the night was quoting Dr. Wilbert Keon when he said that Hudak’s plan for healthcare (removing the health units) was ‘stupidest idea ever’. Score McGuinty….nothing like divide and conquer.

    I could not call this election. It truly is very very close…and every person that likes the things that we’ve been spending money on ; health, education, energy, jobs will have to get out and vote to protect it against a vote split by Horwath’s dubious bid.

  7. Jamie, I think McGuinty expressed himself well. And that it’s a lesser priority for him to laud the past successes of his government than to explain the important changes he has for Ontario. He took time to inform Ontarians that our electricity infrastructure is outdated and that electrical wires and poles across the province have to be replaced. HST will help pay for this necessary upgrade.
    The new power project to run cable under Niagara Falls to supply its region is a significant cost that will have to be picked up by whatever party gets in. (And Mc Guinty pointed out that Hudak and Horwath, for all their crying, have no intention of scrapping the HST.)
    Green energy solutions are here and should be here to stay. McGuinty pointed out that Ontario has secured a giant contract wiith the global corporation Samsung which will heat its operations with renewable solar power.
    The opposition is moaning that it costs 80 cents to make 5 cents of power. They should educate themselves on solar production before shouting ‘foul’.

  8. Ken Smith, giving someone 80 cents for something that costs 5, would be great if your were Microsoft or Burger King. Since the money is coming from all taxpayers, I would have hoped the government had educated people on staff, that would have called foul.

  9. for Ken Smith’s comment about Hudak and Horwath have no intention of scapping the HST. The truth of it is that it is a 5 year deal ensured between Mr. Harper and Mr. McGuinty and it would cost Ontario too much money to cancel outright, that is why the opposition leaders are talking ammendments to the tax like removing it off of basic necessities like gas, hydro and home heating to help families.Let us see how these leaders feel about the tax in 2015 when the term is done and they are up for election again.

  10. I thought that this was to be a Canadian, Ontario,election and debate. I wonder why the Libs ( both McGuinty and M. MacDonald guilty of this) are always talking about California New York Texas Louisiana and other states and their economies. Why do they not want to talk more about Ontarian cities like Timmins, Sault Ste Marie, Sarnia Windsor, Cornwall in which people I think would be more interested in hearing about in this election? Are they ashamed of their local record over the past eight years and hope to get re-elected by saying that we are not as bad as the States?

  11. Jamie Labonte says:
    September 28, 2011 at 10:31 am
    Notwithstanding what Darcy went on about regarding “private free market solutons ” (which I think is an oxymoron), you all made sound points.

    Don’t you know that an “oxymoron” is a very successful formula in the private free market environment. Both velcro and post-it notes are based on the oxymoron of temporary permanence. The free market is all about temporary permanence. One of the greatest free market oxymoron’s in history is Microsoft Works.

  12. Author

    Now come on Gary. I think it’s important to compare to nearby areas. The type of government that Hudak/Harper support is American style government. That’s what you get. You don’t have to go far to see what that gets you.

  13. That gets you 5 more years in supporting American wars in the middle east and a starbucks coffee with Obama.

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