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My car has a tire pressure monitoring system.  How much air pressure is there in big airplane tires and how often is it checked ?
Question asked by Dorothy.



Tires on large airplanes are inflated to approximately 180 psi to 210 psi.  Airplane manufacturers determine what the exact required pressure is for each airplane type and model.  The pressure is checked every two days, or 48 hours, by maintenance technicians.  Some airplanes also have tire pressures displayed in the flight deck.
Wheels and tires on an airplane are some of the most stressed components. Therefore airplane tires are inflated with nitrogen, not air.  This is because air contains moisture.  This, however small, amount of  moisture within the wheel and tire assembly, would cause corrosion of wheel metal parts, as they are made from aluminum alloys on smaller airplanes and magnesium alloys on larger airplanes.  Undetected corrosion could degrade structural integrity of the wheels, thus causing  a subsequent failure.

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