Online Radio can be listed on BBM Diaries – Are you listening to Good Morning on Letter to the Editor from Don Smith of Cornwall Ontario

Hi Jamie:

Recently I received a phone call from the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement (the folks who compile the radio market rankings) asking for our household to participate in a week long survey.

Today we received our radio diaries from the BBM.  Wondering how a person is to report listening to online radio stations such as Seaway Radio, I phoned BBM to ask since their journals ask for Dial Position and AM vs FM band.

After all, why should the old-style over-the-air stations be the only ones to benefit.  Without hesitation she directed me to list the URL ( in this case) and to add a comment stating that some of my radio listening is done “on the computer”.  Perhaps some of your other listeners might benefit from this knowledge.


Don Smith – Cornwall Ontario 





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