Keystone XL Protest on Parliament Hill – The Return of Brigette De Pape – September 28, 2011 VIDEO

CFN – Monday September 26th there was a protest at Parliament Hill.   It was billed strictly as a protest about the Keystone XL Pipeline, but it was interesting to see it essentially be a Stephen Harper hate fest.


No Kent State this protest.  It was the most civilized and staged events I’ve ever seen.    A perimeter of fencing was set up and after the speeches and cheers groups of people decided to walk across the fence thus incurring arrest.

Chief Bill Erasmus


The Rogue Page, Brigette De Pape made a surprise appearance as well before the march started.


The oddest thing watching this demonstration was the cooperation between the protesters and the RCMP.   Only a small wave came over at a time.  The RCMP even helped those that needed assistance over the barricades before charging them.

First Line of Protesters


So a lot of people got to say their piece on the Hill.   There was some media coverage, but it certainly wasn’t what was advertised, and those celebs voicing their concern didn’t show up.


What do you think?  Was this protest a success or was it for show?  Will the bitumen flow from Alberta and the North to Texas?   You can post your comments below.

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  1. To me this is a tempest in a teacup. Companies are in business to make money. The oil will be sold to the US and piped down to them. The oil companies are happy, the US in happy, whats wrong with that? Do we have a bunch of Canadians trying to force their will on the Americans by not shipping the oil to them? No wonder the US wants to put up fences between Canada and the US.

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