SD&SG All Candidates Debate – And the Winner Was……. September 29, 2011

CFN –  Nobody won Wednesday night at the All candidates debate.   The three main candidates all had some bright and shining moments and some clunkers.

Having some actual debate finally had some of them showing some of their real colours and for some cases strengths.  It also convinced me that as a voter I truly only want to hear the contenders; as the event was marred by the Libertarian candidate making some remarks that he expressed which he wanted to apologize for and  you can hear live this morning on at 9:00 AM.

Mayor Jim McDonell showed that his Mr. McFuddle moniker applied mostly to when he was sticking to his script; literally, because when he was in the thick of it he sounded quite lucid whether it was bashing unions or suggesting that he and his government  would somehow if elected create thousands of jobs while cutting public services.   I think it’s called Fuddle Duddle Math?

Elaine MacDonald was particularly feisty and showed some of her inner nasty that only some of us rarely get to see.   She battered away even attacking her Conservative friend to her left on many occasion.   It was her best performance in the election to date.

Liberal candidate Mark A. MacDonald had some strong moments too as he was ganged up on.  He not only defended his government, but shot back some strong attacks as you’ll see in our video when it’s added.

This debate was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce.   A partisan flavor sadly marred the debate including an incident with a poverty activist who was told that he had to remove his poverty t – shirt or leave the event.  Moderator John Bolton’s political stripes clearly coloured at least one of the questions asked of the candidates.   One of the team commented on the low turnout.    Low turnout has been endemic of this provincial election at least in this region.

Also we have to apologize for the quality of video we’ll be adding later as we were forced to shoot from an off angle in the distance.

You can listen to our radio coverage of the debate on this morning LIVE starting at 9:00 AM and we’re hoping to have a few of the candidates on as well.


If you were at the debate who do you think did well and who didn’t?  You can post your comments below.



  1. Yes, I made a mistake. I should not have said my comment about Mr. Mark A. MacDonald’s family. That was just wrong on my part. He asked for an apology but only when it was my turn to talk again. I quickly agreed and stayed quiet. When it was my turn to talk again, I was focusing on the new question on the floor and I forgot to offer my apology on the spot. Another mistake.

    I’m human I make mistakes and I accept the consequences. I am responsible for my actions and I am now trying to make up for it by offering my apology in public. Here is my apology.

    Mr. Mark MacDonald, I’m sorry. I was rude and inappropriate to you and your family. It was a momentary lapse of reasoning on my part and I ask for your forgiveness. Please, accept my apology.

    Darcy Neal Donnelly

  2. An eloquent apology which I’m sure Mr.MacDonald will accept.

  3. Darcy, the apology should have been made, not only to Mark MacDonald, but to all the people in S-D-SG who have elderly or sick parents or relatives. Your comment about letting them die was totally hearless! I bet if one of your close family members was gravely ill, you would change your tune! By your uncouth comments, you proved once again that you are certainly not worthy of being a candidate for any party or of taking part in a debate.

  4. I am a known poverty and homelessness advocate non paid volunteer and retired serviceman serving my country for freedom who tried to express my views to all candidates at the partisan (My opinion) Chamber of Commerce Debate on Wednesday. I proudly wore my Interfaith non political t-shirt (see pic) for Poverty free Ontario. I was met at the door and asked by the Chamber to remove my T shirt violating my freedom right of expression for me to attend because of an unfair stupid rule and 2 people from the Chamber found it offensive. Really.They actually had a cop standing by to remove me if I did not comply. Is this right?

  5. I had no prior knowledge of the fact that the Chamber had this stupid rule in effect It was only just made close to the debate Had I known of it in advance I would have worn another shirt but do I know the shirt I was wearing was in no way political or offensive.

  6. What is this Chamber of Commerce? Do they represent business interests or are they just heavy-handed mafiosi-types who like to push people around?

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