Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit to Help Create Jobs – Mark A MacDonald – September 29, 2011

CFN –  The Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit — which provides supports for seniors who want to stay in their homes — will be accelerated to help create jobs, Mark  A. MacDonald said today.

“Accelerating this important tax credit will generate immediate demand for skilled labour  and manufacturing — creating jobs for small businesses in the renovation sector, while helping our parents and grandparents stay in their homes longer,” said MacDonald.


The Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit will be implemented ahead of schedule — covering renovations that occur as early as October 1st, 2011.
The credit covers home renovations — such as chair lifts, handrails, and ramps — that  allow seniors who want to continue living independently to do so safely. It is worth 15 per cent of up to $10,000 in renovations per year and can be claimed by seniors for
their own home or by a family member who is providing a home for an elderly relative.

“We understand the impact that the last recession had on Ontario families, that’s why we acted quickly to protect jobs and made investments to keep our economy strong,”  said Premier Dalton McGuinty. “Today we’re moving forward with the next stage in our
plan — accelerating the Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit to take care of seniors and create jobs.”


The credit follows on the success of the federal government’s Home Renovation Tax Credit, which helped Canada through the last recession by pumping billions into the  economy and creating jobs. Moving forward with the Ontario Liberal Healthy Home
Renovation Tax Credit immediately will deliver similar positive results for Ontario.

Providing strong health care and supports for seniors depends on a strong economy.

Ontario Liberals have kept Ontario on track following the last recession by creating nearly 300,000 jobs, protecting auto sector jobs and building a new clean-energy  economy. Now the Ontario Liberal Plan will keep Ontario moving forward.

The Hudak PCs have $14 billion in unfunded giveaways and tax cuts in their platform that would mean deep cuts to health care and schools. The Horwath NDP would take Ontario off track by introducing a crushing $9 billion in job-killing taxes.

“Ontario Liberals are the only party with a plan to create new jobs to help Ontario’s  economy grow stronger,” said MacDonald. “We’re absolutely committed to keeping  what we’ve already built intact — our strong schools, hospitals, and services — while
moving Ontario forward, together.”

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  1. The 15% will not allow needy seniors to do much except pay the taxes……bastards!

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