Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty Aims for Majority while visiting Cornwall Ontario – Ready to Take on Stephen Harper – October 1, 2011

CFN If the turnout in Cornwall for Premier Dalton McGuinty is indicative of the election results on October 6th, compared to the turn outs for Tim Hudak and Andrea Horvath the Liberal candidate will have a huge smile on his face on election night!


In spite of cold and rain hundreds of people flooded the campaign offices of MacDonald spilling out into the street and parking lot while media clogged up the centre of the room.

Long time riding MP and current mayor of Cornwall, Bob Kilger, came out to speak only weeks after surgery to show his colours.


The energy in the room clearly showed an air of confidence even with hostile media tossing up lame questions during the Q&A after Mr. McGuinty’s speech.

Media questions – Love how the Premier smacks down Bill Kingston!


Premier McGuinty was traveling with his wife and daughter seen here being greeted by candidate Mark A MacDonald and Mayor Bob Kilger.


With polls pointing to another Liberal Majority for Mr. McGuinty it should be interesting to see how voters respond in SD&SG one of the few pockets that the Conservatives hope to turn.

Mr. McGuinty’s speech was a fiery one that hammered home his key focus of Healthcare, Education, and the economy.   He touched on the fact that the new health accord is on the table, and that with Stephen Harper as Prime Minister Ontario needed a staunch protector and not a “Yes man”.  He strongly spoke about how he was best experienced to duke it out with the PM with healthcare being the big ticket budget item it is.

Cornwall Free News


  1. With only a few days left to E day, Dalton and Mark are in the grove to victory!
    And the Liberals are gaining steam with voters seeing that there is only one real choice.
    Anyone who cares about jobs, health care, education and the environment knows that the Liberals will continue to move the province forward.

    Only corporations would prefer a Hudak government where unions are broken, hospitals closed and our safety put at risk.

    I am looking forward to seeing the torch of MPP of SD&SG being passed from current MPP Jim Brownell to our next MPP Mark MacDonald. I am looking forward to another majority Liberal government!

  2. Nice job, Jamie. Lots of fact-based drive and optimism from the man commanding the stage. Just what we need in these iffy times.

  3. I was disabled by my former employer.
    My life , my dreams collapsed, but I want to voice my confidence in McGuinty himself .
    He is the only genuine , credible with real compassion for average Ontarian . He is the only Leader in coming elections that we can count on!
    If Ontarians want to see continuity of Ontario’s recovery and success, then there is only one choice in elections and that is one more term for proven Premier- McGuinty!

  4. Well and bravely said, Andrew.

  5. Let me put it like Harper is accustomed to .., “Clearly, there is no doubt, McGuinty government is on the right track and moving the dice any other way will only bring disaster. You simply cannot risk rookies to experiment with our province in times of global fiscal challenges”

  6. Andrew, during the debate, Hudak was close to tears when speaking about the extended health care needed by his daughter, don;t give on him that soon. The McGuinty government took away special diet allowances this year for disabled, and only caved in after Minister Madelaine took heat in Ottawa.

    In that case there were problems with the system, but their answer to fixing it was to cut off the end user. People that needed each few dollars to survive!

    What is McGuinty going to do that Hudak won’t? Settle for 4.3 billion to impliment the HST? Oh wait, that has been done.

  7. Eric, do you not recall when the Harris regime cut welfare by 20% across the board, then got rid of rent controls, and then suggested that those who couldn’t afford to eat and pay rent should buy dented cans of food and haggle at the grocery stores so they could eat? There was a huge jump in homelessness, freezing deaths and suicides among the poorest people in Ontario. There were even nets installed around popular suicide bridges (Boor St. Viaduct) in Toronto in order to keep the highway below free of falling bodies (traffic hazards). Hudak and his wife, Deb Hutton, are part of that not so proud legacy, and got pretty wealthy in the process, but nobody wants to go back to those days. Well, maybe you do.

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