Poll Numbers Point to Liberal Majority – Premier Dalton McGuinty in Cornwall Ontario – Saturday October 1, 2011 2:45 PM

CFN – New polls numbers are being crunched by Eric Grenier and his 308 website.    It’s showing what many are seeing; that this is going to be an amazing story in Ontario election history as Dalton McGuinty and his Liberal government are on the precipice of earning a third majority mandate from the people of Ontario.

Since Tim Hudak’s PC’s made the political gaffe of attacking the $10,000 tax credit to expedite trained newcomers into the workforce so that they can fill jobs that have shortages, the polls have inched from the point where Mr. Hudak’s PC’s have lost over 10 percentage points in the polls.

Vote splitting from the NDP still plays a role in several ridings including our own in SD&SG where Liberal candidate Mark A MacDonald has his work cut out for him if the seat is to stay red on October 6th.

threehundredeight.com  is predicting 54 red seats which would be  a majority for Mr. McGuinty who’s visiting Cornwall Ontario this afternoon at approximately 2:45 at Mark A MacDonald’s campaign headquarters at 633 Pitt Street.

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  1. A one seat majority?? Certainly not anything to worry about. There are still a few days to go. It will be an interesting race to the end nonetheless….

  2. I sometimes thing that all McGuinty has to do to get a strong majority is to offer Hudak all the Liberal paid airtime and let him talk….with the alacrity that he shoves his foot in his own mouth, he’ll drive the voters to us in seconds.

    Odds are that in the next 5 days, Hudak will say something else completely stupid or intolerant.

  3. All the polls I’ve been reading in the MSM seem to be pointing to a Taxman or Fratboy minority. Way too close to call at this point. Either way, the Cons sure blew this one with Hudak as leader. They would have had this election in the bag if almost anyone but Hudak was leading the party. He’s such a repulsive character that even some hard-core Cons don’t like him. Andrea Horwath must be smiling right now.

  4. I haven’t seen a single credible pool showing a majority yet! Where did you see this poll? Where in Ontario did you find this statistic? Is Eric Grenier not a Bloc Quebec writer for le dorit?

    I really think the NDP will steal a lot seats from the Liberals and Conservative followers are the most “loyal” followers as proven by seeing so many Liberals jump-ship during the federal election!

  5. Also, Mark had the largest crowds in the municipal election but was comfortably beaten by Bob! Numbers at a rally mean nothing but the man “Mark MacDonald” is a strong candidate!

    I am extremely peaved to see the latest slander against Mark from the Electrical League! I am a conservative but beleive in improvements and planning more then slander!

    Mark loves trying to the youth and that article was complete BS and I know this from experience from the support Mark has given myself (a conservative)! The add was obviously written by a group of outsiders trying to slander McGiunty who do not know Mark!

  6. Author

    Mike follow the link in the story and you’ll many credible results.

  7. I love the negative ads on McGuinty. All you see and remember is his photo and that the name McGuinty was said about a dozen times. What was the ad about? I don’t know but I heard the name McGuinty said a dozen times. lol

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