Why Andrea Horwath Bumping the Minimum Wage to $11 Would Kill Small Business & Hurt Seniors – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – October 3, 2011

CFN –  Wow, this 2011 provincial election is almost done.  It’s been an ugly and turdulent affair with Racoons, mice, name calling, liar calling, sleazy 30’s style propaganda, and other trickery.

Elaine MacDonald campaign team member Carilyne Hebert using her day job gig to pimp for the NDP by using a pic of the MacDonald campaign team.

See people don’t get the difference between Ontario NDP and the Federal NDP.   There’s a HUGE difference.

The NDP of Jack Layton and Thomas Mulcair is not that of Andrea Horwath.  I still remember being sent a hack job from their Toronto team on MPP Jim Brownell that they wanted me to print.

That was sent to the poubelle with a stern note to them, but that’s for a whole other editorial.

No, this editorial is about the Minimum wage; something apparently near and dear to both Andrea Howarth and Elaine MacDonald’s hearts and I’d like to share a bit about why.

Most public sector or union jobs are tied to inflation and the cost of living.   It sounds minuscule, 2% here, 3% there, but those raises on $80K salaries add up.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I don’t begrudge anyone a living.   I’ve worked on both sides of the fence.  I’ve been a Union member.   I appreciate the value of the labour movement; but when cleaning staff end up earning more than skilled labour or the free market then we have an issue.  In the health care field for example it’s led to things like C-Difficile and other issues from lack of care because of budgetary cut backs.

You see when the Minimum wage goes up a dollar big business doesn’t really care as much as you think because generally they can either pass this on to us the customers or it gives them an incentive to go offshore.  Who wins then?

When they pass the cost on to us it causes…..INFLATION.   It causes the COST OF LIVING to go up.    Now if you are self-employed this means you get screwed.  If  you’re on a fixed income you get screwed.  Pension?  Screwed.  Government? Not screwed as you’re now taxing more dollars.    Big Biz and Big Labour?  Nope, just fine because everyone jumps up the ladder until there are no more pegs to climb.

I have a friend that works for the US government.  They have pay scales.    A 15 grade is as high as you go.  That’s it.  Of course the US looks like it’s going bankrupt so maybe they aren’t the best example?

Who really gets screwed?  Small business and young people.    I’d love to hire help, but in capitalism when you hire someone it’s to create wealth.  You don’t pay $15 per hour for $5 worth of work.  Likewise if you have to pay $15 per hour then that person has to be able to provide value for that service otherwise, unless you’re the government, you end up out of business.

It means that you aren’t going to be giving a lot of people a chance to learn and grow in their positions.  It puts pressures on the businesses and the employers.   If young people can’t get jobs to learn the skills they need combined with education where will companies find people who can do those jobs with higher entry points?   It’s a viscous circle indeed.

Just so who gets to benefit?

Elaine MacDonald was waving her teacher-like finger during a debate complaining about public sector wages (while also trashing the NDP government of Bob Rae which seemed very very odd to hear)  being frozen for a few years.   Did anyone notice the economy during that period?   She states that if elected the NDP will jack up the minimum wage to $11 per hour.   Can you see that dancing in a recession/depression?  Anyone study the 30’s in Europe when people would have to buy food with wheel barrow loads of worthless marks, dollars, francs, and pounds?

Andrea Horwath wants to give companies $5K per job up to 20 per company.   Can you see that working?   I can see companies living and dying by that.  Run the company for a year; open a new one on paper and Bob’s your uncle.   Is that really good for the economy?

The bottom line is that I personally love the idea of people getting a fair shake in this world; especially those that have to work the hardest to get their fair shake.

I’m not so sure that Elaine MacDonald and Andrea Horwath share  the same philosophy.   Watching Ms MacDonald waive a copy of the Ottawa Citizen endorsement like a spoiled school girl was silly.   The Citizen endorsement in the Federal election for SD&SG sure didn’t help Bernadette Clement.

During an election some people will say anything to get elected.

Video showing Elaine MacDonald’s conviction to her cause.


The question is are we listening?

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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