Letter to the Editor – Lawrence Kazdan of Vancouver BC isn’t Happy with Stephen Harper Killing Party Subsidies – October 6, 2011

Re:  Tories will kill political party taxpayer subsidies, Mark Kennedy, Postmedia News, October 4, 2011


Stephen Harper is ending the modest subsidy program for political parties, not for partisan advantage, but to use Canadians’ tax dollars with great care, especially in a time of fiscal restraint, when families are struggling to make ends meet.  This is especially urgent when public funds must be carefully rationed for building fake lakes and gazebos, for flying government ministers from their vacation spots, and for procuring big-ticket military jets through untendered contracts whose final multi-billion dollar price tag is accelerating faster than the planes ever will.

Larry Kazdan,  Vancouver, B.C.

Campbell Clark, “Ottawa’s fighter-jet estimate ‘all hogwash,’ U.S. watchdog warns,” Globe and Mail, 5 April 2011

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  1. also for daily hair care for the one who knows everything.

  2. I think Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are absolutely right in getting rid of these subsidies which were first introduced by Jean Chretien a decade ago. The idea is that “Political parties should do their own fundraising and not live off of taxpayer-funded handouts.” Unfortunately the Conservative Party are the ones with most to lose, monetarily speaking.

  3. @ PJR.. Whoever it is who is maintaining Harper’s “helmet hair” should be making a living wage. It’s probably a full time job.

  4. If the subsidy program never happened, we could have saved many fights and millions going to the BloQ in Quebec. The Taxpayer is the winner though, not having to pay parties per vote gained in each election, each and every year over the mandate period.

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