I’m to be charged by police with Disturbing the Police on Thursday October 20, 2011 in Cornwall Ontario!

CFN –  Thursday October 20, 2011 I’m going to be charged with…. Disturbing the Peace!    That’s right an officer of the law will be picking me up and putting me in the slammer until you folks come to my rescue and bail me out!

It’s all for a good cause as I’ll be participating in our local Canadian Cancer Society’s, SDG and Prescott-Russell  Jail n Bail fund raiser!

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Thursday October 20th, 2011

9:00 am to 4:00 pm

As you probably know, this event simulates “arrests” of people by real police officers. Once arrested, they are then put into a jail located at the Cornwall Square. Jailbirds must then arrange “bail” in order to be set free by calling family and friends with a phone provided them. In most cases, co-workers help collect money ahead of time.

It’s easy, secretly pick your victim and call our office with their name, time for them to be arrested, the bail amount you feel they can raise and a funny charge for their warrant.I

If wish to rescue me from jail and help a good cause please pledge your support.   $20 or more donations get you a tax receipt.  Feel free to post your pledge below or you can email me at info@cornwallfreenews.com

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  1. Jamie, put me in for $20., but we are still in Portugal & return on the 26th. Enjoy the bread & water !

  2. i’ll give em 100 to loose the keys

  3. Jamie, I want to lock you up and throw away the key as well 🙂
    Put the $25.00 bet that I won towards this fundraiser. Suits me fine.

  4. OK partner, I’m in for $25 as well.

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