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How long before the flight departure do the pilots come to work ?
Question from Suzanne.



Most pilots come to work one to two hours before their flight departure time.  Short domestic flights require less time for preparation, long international flights require more time.
The pilots first report to a flight planning office.  There are a number of tasks that the flight crew must accomplish before a flight.  There may be some small administrative duties that must be completed, then the pre-flight briefing process begins.
There is a flight plan for each flight  The flight plans are prepared by a Flight Dispatch department, where a flight dispatcher can work on a flight plan using computers, data bases and sophisticated software,  long before the pilots come to work.  The pilots then check every part of the flight plan to ensure that it is correct and no mistakes have been made.   They check the route of the flight, weather conditions,  double check the calculations to determine the amount of fuel required for flight, as well as many other items.
The ultimate decisions and responsibility rest with the Captain of the flight.  Once the pilots accept the flight plan, then they proceed to the airplane.  They will be in the flight deck 30 minutes to 1 hour before departure time.  In the flight deck they check the position of every switch, ensure that all instruments and warning light are working correctly and program the flight management computers.  This all must be completed before the flight departure.


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