Habs Lose again 2-1 to Panthers – Leafs Lose to Philadelphia 4-2 – Kessel scores again! October 24, 2011

CFN –  The good news for Montreal tonight is Florida was that D man Jaroslav Spacek made it back from injury.   Erik Cole, put on the power play scored Montreal’s lone goal in the first period.

The bad news is that Montreal lost to Florida tonight 2-1 with Peter Budaj in nets.

The Habs made it exciting out shooting the Panthers, but the hockey gods are not smiling on les boys right now and probably won’t until a change is made; whether sacrificing Jacques Martin is enough is the question?

The Leafs didn’t fare much better falling to Philadelphia 4-2 although Phil Kessel scored his 9th.

The newest member of Montreal, Petteri Nokalainen put in 7 minutes going 4-0 on face offs.    Max Pacioretty didn’t return in the 3rd after a collision.  Hopefully he’ll be back as the Habs get whooped take on the Flyers Wednesday night.

The Rangers and Jets were tied at 1 as of press time.

So Habs fans, does Jacques Martin survive another day?  You can post your comments below.


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