Carrefour Angrignon in Lasalle Quebec – Westcliff Group Shopping Mall Denies Legion from Selling Poppies for Remembrance Day ! UPDATED 12:28 PM


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CFN – I was shocked to learn tonight of a Mall owned by the Westcliff group that is refusing to allow poppies to be sold by the Legion before Remembrance  Day.   Carrefour Angrignon in Lasalle Quebec have refused their local Legion a table and two chairs in their sprawling Mall.

It was covered in this CBC story including interview footage with the Mall manager.   LINK   

Westcliff  Group, based in Montreal owns properties all over North America including Carrefour Angrignon, Complexe Angrignon, and Place Angrignon in Lasalle; Complexe Pointe Claire; the Lindsay Square Mall; Kawartha Lakes, and The Bay Centre in Victoria among others.

To contact these corporate thugs who don’t seem to care about Canadian Veterans and the sacrifices they made for our country here is their info:

The Westcliff Group of Companies

600, boul. de Maisonneuve Ouest
Suite #2600
Montreal (Quebec) H3A 3J2



There’s a Facebook Page calling for a boycott of the Group as well until they’ve rectified the situation.  Personally I think a table and a very large donation are now in order.   What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.


We read an update on Facebook that the Mall ownership has given the Lasalle Legion a table to sell poppies from and a $1,000.00 donation!

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  1. As you can see from the parking lot picture above, this is a mall that is already on a steady economic decline, it has certainly seen better days. I will NEVER patronize a Westcliff mall again, be it Carrefour Angrignon, Complexe Pointe-Claire, Ruby Foos Hotel….Call Andy Adelson at 514-499-8300 and tell him that his disrespect for members of his father’s generation is universally condemned.

  2. It must be too patriotic for a Montreal based company. Perhaps if it was a table taking donations for the “Year of The Pig” celebration, donations for new head dress materials in Pakistan, or to support lowering their provincial drinking age from 18 to 12 I am sure they would have tables set up all over the mall. Shame on them!

  3. It just goes to show that you don’t need brains to run a shopping mall.

  4. Canadian troops fought and died ending the scourge of Naziism and the Holocaust. Westcliff is owned by a prominent Jewish family….who should respect what Canadians did to assist their brethren…but, no…and then we learn that the Adelsons are RUSSIAN Jews, and it were the cabal of Russian Jews who pushed Stalin to ASSIST Hitler in his demented focus on world domination. The New World Order continues to push its agenda. Canadian patriotism be damned…it’s all about cheap toys and the falsehood of Santa Claus imported from slave labor factories in China. Screw you, Andy Adelson!

  5. Please attend our Boycott of Carrefour Angrignon & other Westcliff Properties.
    We MUST Stand up for the Vets that have stood and STILL stand up for us!!
    Thank you.

  6. Is it true this issue has been resolved to give the vets a place in the Mall forever?

  7. I love stories like this because the Legioners, who already fought for what is right, will fight again!
    We need more people fighting for what is right and I wonder how we are going run things in another generation.

  8. It was probably some overzealous security or mall manager.
    I’m sure somebody’s in deep poop.

  9. Author

    The Westcliff group reaches agreement with the Royal Canadian Legion regarding the selling of remembrance poppies at the Carrefour Angrignon mall
    Montreal, Tuesday October 25th – The Westcliff group, owner of the Carrefour Angrignon mall in Montreal, announced this morning that they have come to an agreement with the Royal Canadian Legion in order to provide the space to sell poppies in light of the Legion’s 2011 remembrance campaign. Mr. Alan Marcovitz, president of the Westcliff group, wanted to present his apologies to the veterans, represented by the Royal Canadian Legion, regarding the misunderstanding that led to recent events.
    «We regret that an administrative misunderstanding caused problems for the Royal Canadian Legion and their 2011 remembrance campaign. The events that transpired represent in no way the politics of our company and will never happen again. » Said Mr. Marcovitz, before concluding : « We take a lot of pride in having provided veterans with the opportunity to sell their poppies at Carrefour Angrignon in past years and we want to assure them that they will continue to have this opportunity in the future. The great sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers are an essential contribution to the security and prosperity of our nation and we reiterate our unconditional support to the veterans’ cause in Canada. »

    The Westcliff group and the Royal Canadian Legion reached an agreement this morning thereby granting the Legion booth space at the Carrefour Angrignon mall, on the dates requested by them, namely on October 28, 29 and 30, as well as November 3, 4, 5 and 6, 2011. They may also count on the group’s complete collaboration in the years to come.

  10. Might be a little off topic, but every year, the Royal Canadian Legion sues or threatens to sue people or organizations that display the poppy at this time of year. So, keep in mind that when you buy that poppy pin, some of the money you “donate” is going to pay for lawyers “protecting” their trademark.
    Google “Royal Canadian Legion” poppy trademark.

  11. I’m also curious to know, when I donate for a poppy pin, what percentage of my donation is used to run the organization, and what percentage is actually spent on veterans. Anybody know?

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