Scott Gomez for Jay Bouwmeester?? Stranger Trades have been made? Montreal and Calgary looking up from the Bottom of the NHL – October 25, 2011

CFN – With Calgary and Montreal near the bottom of the NHL both teams are looking for ways up.  Is it time for a Jay Bouwmeester for Scott Gomez deal providing neither is seriously hurt?

Both have two more seasons left on their inflated contracts.  Gomez is a bit higher cap hit, but lower actual cash pay outs.   Calgary desperately needs a strong play making centre for star Jarome Inginla while Montreal clearly needs an anchor on defense.

Round out a deal and you have some NHL potential magic.

The problem with trades in today’s NHL is making the cap work and it’s rare to find an opportunity to address a negative on the team with a possible positive solution.

Both players are in need of a change of scenery and both will probably see one soon too.   Montreal is second to last in the NHL with 4 points while Calgary is tied with Winnipeg at 5 points. Both teams are better than their point totals reflect.   Sometimes you just need to shuffle the deck to make some magic happen.

Is Boston going to announce the retirement of Marc Savard today?

What do you think Hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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