Occupy Cornwall Rally Set for Friday Night November 18, 2011 in Lamoureaux Park

CFN –   It looks like the Occupy movement is coming to Cornwall Ontario.    A release was sent to us today announcing a rally in Lamoureaux Park on November 18th.

“occupy new york broken up over 100 arrested
obviously,this movement is Very Important or there would not be a media gag order on it.
consequently, people in over 187 cities around the world have held peaceful protests against corporate greed and coruption.
continously, local lawenforcement officials have beeb sent in to break up these peacful prtests. it seem some people in high places are getting scared. Many officers are part of the 99.9% of the people like us, who unfortunately and unwilling serve the intersts of the .1%
unless we have a serious paradigm shift in our society thatrecognizes human, not money as thetrue global currency, thes protest will not end.
perhaps the .1%of the population that has all the control will now realise that the passive/poor have All the control just by saying no.
you, as one single person, can make a difference by speaking your mind. Please join us for a peaceful demostration strating this friday nov.18 2011 in the evening at the Lamoureux Park bandstand
What do you think?  Will there be many protesting in our city by the River?  And where will all those people rally when Lamoureaux Park is finally developed and turned into waterfront development?
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  1. The only ones “in control” are the City Council. They won’t give up that control easily!

  2. It looks like this movement has legs. The ruling class is getting very very nervous, and they should be.

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