Help the Cornwall Free News Form Its New Comments Policy! November 18, 2011

Help the Cornwall Free News Form Its New Comments Policy! November 18, 2011

CFN –  Boy this week has gone by in a blur!   It’s been crazy since Monday night when Cornwall City council tabled their report calling for a cease to advertising on media that have anonymous comments.   I think we’ve all learned a few things and we’ve been inundated with comments, calls, and emails of all sorts.

I’ve heard from many on both sides of the discussion.   I completely understand the gut response of many against anonymous comments even though you really can’t implement such a system, and I’ve heard from many about the importance and validity of anonymity.

The one current I’ve heard that’s common, and what upsets most;  is content and that being said there does seem to be an abundance of comments on the net that upset people from anonymous comments.

As a media outlet, and a very young one; we only turn three in February; I think it’s important to evolve and improve how we do things and constantly define and redefine what works best for you our viewers.

So we are going to initiate a process of what our comments policy should be.   We are going to not budge on anonymity.  I think that based on the realities of the internet that’s not going to change; however I feel it important to respect you our viewer as much as possible.

We in the media can do better, and I think that we at The Cornwall Free News can do better to truly inform and entertain without crossing certain lines that as rarely as they get crossed here do get crossed.  We’ve had over 13,600 comments on our site since February 2009.   That’s a lot of opinion!

So our most valued viewers now is your turn to tell us and the world what you think should be policy when it comes to online posting.   Please share your comments and ideas below and of course feel free to email us at or call our hotline at 613 361 1755.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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