Leona Kensley of St. Andrews Ontario is Upset with South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart of Staff Booze For Christmas Party – Letter to the editor

CFN – Dear editor:
Whatever is the matter with the deputy mayor of South Stormont? She appears to be against everything that is good in the municipality.


Just look a her recent complaints: she found fault with the very pretty new signs at the entrance to our beautiful Long Sault Parkway; she found fault with the animal lovers who take responsibility for the natural actions of their pets, complaining they were disposing of the droppings into public garbage bins – to the best of my knowledge there had been no formal complaint to the Council about this.


Now the deputy mayor is finding fault in the municipality for not charging its employees for the alcoholic drinks they get at their annual Christmas event.
The deputy mayor has no problem with the free drinks she gets at the various functions she attends yet objects to the employees having a similar opportunity. This is absolutely shameful because the cost of this small ‘Thank you’ to the people who serve us so very well for the whole year hardly adds a few cents to our tax bills.


When we look at all the millions of dollars being paid, in bonuses, to some people working for banks and financial institutions it is pathetic for the deputy mayor of our municipality to want to deny the workers we employ some small token of our esteem for the work they have performed so very well for us.



Leona Kensley – St. Andrews West

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  1. Hi Leona (McGillis)-Kensley,

    Its very unfortunate that you don’t agree with my decisions on matters that come before council.
    I truly do believe with all my heart that I am speaking for a good many of my constituents.
    Alcohol at social functions should not be paid by our tax payers. As revealed through other sources of media no other township does this. Liability is a big concern as well as I am sure you can appreciate. As far as the dog do do, well we did get a formal complaint it came from one of our own staff that actually has the nasty job of picking bag fulls. I am confident that that problem can easily be solved with out affecting other animal owners, that is why I have asked council to revisit the policy we had before us. As for the sign, well that’s hit and miss. Some liked my position and others didn’t. I cant please everyone.

  2. Thanks for the insight Leona, I think someone once referred to it as “Small Town Cheap”

  3. The up-side is that there will be a Christmas Party, an opportunity to share some time outside of the normal work place environment with your co-workers, probably some music and a meal. It seems there are many who wish they just had the JOB. Kudos to the Municipality for giving careful thought to the liability issue as a miss-step in allowing an intoxicated party goer to leave the party who then finds themselves in a fatal accident could potentially cost the Municipality, hence the taxpayers thousands to millions of dollars

  4. I’m with Ms. Hart re the Christmas party and alcohol. Not so much about who is paying for it, but more about the liability implications. The days of alcohol fueled company or corporate Christmas parties are pretty much over for good reason.

  5. Author

    Geez I kinda like those old Mad Men style parties. If someone’s having one please send the invite to info@cornwallfreenews.com – Perhaps a solution would be to have the employees form a committee to organize their own staff party and South Stormont donate X dollars that they can choose to supplement and spend as they wish? Maybe some of the Politicians and Management could even kick some cashola into the pot to really show their appreciation for the staff too, and then maybe get invited? 🙂

  6. Jamie, would you go so far as to allow cigarette smoking? Ha!
    I’m old enough to remember when people could have fun without offending somebody.
    It’s easier now just to stay home and not piss off the latest crop of rule makers.

  7. Its unfortunate that you don’t appreciate South Stormont’s hard working employees enough to have one party in their honor. I am sure this is not way to create harmony among South Stormont employees. The Municipality now has a beautiful community centre and could be held liable no matter what event is held there. Thats the law today, whether the drinks are complimentry or not. It’s my understanding that you and your spouse attendented the Christmas party for the last five years and you now are against hosting any event.You publicly stated that you are also against the municipality hosting an event to acknowledge all the volunteers in our community. Its my understanding you have attended the same events. Do what I say but not what I do. If you are speaking for the constituences here, then why don’t you concern yourself with more serious issues like creating Jobs, industry and businesses. Oh, thats right, you are also against the proposed pellet plant as well. We have a great Municipality, but there are still many unemployed people that are having a hard time. The time and energy you spend on frivilous petti issues leaves no doubt that you are grand standing for your own personal gain. Thank god the other members of council are positive thinkers and are working together as a team for the betterment of the community. What a shame.

  8. Do these hard working employees get regular raises, pensions, rewards for length of service, paid sick days etc?
    How about the employees have their own potluck lunch, like I am seeing non taxpayer funded organizations having over the last couple of years? The Municipality may kick in an extra hour for it if asked, or maybe a couple of door prizes even. The idea is to get together as a group, not be celebrated.

    Times have changed, Taxpayers are tired, and insurance companies and Lawyers rule! However, perhaps the reason for resident hard times are tax rates to pay for each level of government.

  9. As for language, one of the issues people trumpet is the lack of English in Quebec as opposition in Ontario, well there is hope for that one.

  10. In respect to Leona’s comments, An open bar in todays economy is the equivalent to an open wound .There simply isnt enough in the budget to nurse. Volunteers do need a budget as they are out there in the community and are not paid any moneys therefore we should try to save a little something for them.

    In respect to the pellet plant, “How is that doing”, I have yet to see any progress, maybe you know something I don’t. Care to share?

    I would like to say kudos to Eric whos quote “hard working employees get regular raises, pensions, rewards for length of service, paid sick days etc?” It is all well deserved but where do we draw the line? And also , who will pick up the tabl if one of these employees get into an accident after such an evening of open bar?

    And to Tammy, I responsibly toast to your sentiments! CHEERS!!

    And to you again Leona, lets fix it with a drink . You paying ?

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