The Cornwall Free News Photo of the Day for Sunday November 20, 2011 – Marlene Baker at Cooper Marsh by John Lister

CFN –  John Lister of Fingerman Studios submitted today’s photo of the day.    John also created our current header banner!


It is the lovely Marlene Baker, photographed on Friday at Cooper Marsh.


Together, Marlene and I operate ‘’, a local photography/model business, where we specialize in providing model portfolios.

Although we do indoor shots at our home location, complete with professional backdrops and lighting, we specialize in shooting outdoors. We enjoy the interaction between the subjects of the photos and nature, whether nature simply provides the background, or we have the subject climb a tree. No matter how it happens, the photos shot outdoors seem to have a little magic that cannot be created in the studio.

For those who may not know, I am also an author of a trilogy of novels, a composer and producer of music, and a website developer.

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