Agapè Centre in Cornwall Ontario Seeks Help in Curbing their Garbage Fees – November 20, 2011

CFN – The Agapè Centre receives donations daily from many well intentioned donors. The Centre receives over 300,000 donated items per year including roughly 200 bags of donations daily. Unfortunately, donations that include the remains of garage or yard sales, items that are damaged and donations left outside the donation bins which are subject to weather or pilfering often are sent to Municipal landfill. Over the last five years disposing of material at the Municipal landfill has cost the Agapè Centre almost $100,000. The  Agapè Centre pays directly for the garbage disposal fees and that money could be better spent on food purchases, programs and services.


The Agapè Centre Thrift Shoppe is not the same as for-profit stores. The missions are totally different and in particular money generated from Agapè’s Thrift Shoppe is reinvested towards Agapè’s various food purchases, programs and services. The Thrift Store prides itself in the merchandise it sells. Agape also donates items to those in in our community in need.  For these reasons  articles must be clean, functional and useable.


All donations to the Agapè Centre will benefit the people who need them. Whether it’s a cash donation to help support the soup kitchen, a food donation to add to the food bank or a clothing donation to be sold in the Thrift Shoppe or to be given to a child in need, all donations directly support the mission of the Centre. If in doubt, please call and ask.


When considering donating, the Agapè Centre does not accept dirty or stained items, broken items  needing repair, weapons, chemical products, recalled or banned items, furnaces, heaters, old fridges and stoves. To make donating convenient for the public, there are several donation bins located across the City. As much as possible, please do not leave items unattended outside a collection box or the centre. The public may also donate directly at the Agapè Center during operating hours.


The Agapè Centre and its clients need good donations and appreciate the community’s generous support. The more Agapè collects and sell, the more Agapè can help those of our community in need. Especially now. The past few months the need for food has been critical.


About the Agapè Centre

The Agapè Centre is a not-for profit organization, supported by the community to ensure that no family goes hungry, cold or without any of the basic necessities of life. Over the last decade, food bank use at the Agapè Centre has risen and this year, the Agapè Centre has experienced a significant increase in the number of individuals requiring help. The Agapè Centre has been providing food, clothing and furniture to more than 1,100 people each month for the better part of the decade.


For cash donations to the Agapè Centre, call to donate 613.938.9297 or drop by the Agapè Centre at 40 Fifth Street West, Cornwall. The Agapè Centre is a non profit organization that is all about “Local People Helping Local People” and your generous donation will go a long way to help local people in need.

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