Share your video on The Cornwall Free News! Accepting Entries as of today; November 24, 2011

CFN –  We at CFN have been so happy with the results of our Photo of the Day feature that I’ve decided to add a video component!    Do you have a rant?   Video it and send us the You Tube link!  Are you in a band?  Email us the link to your song.   Whatever turns your crank, shoot it on video and send it to us and we’ll share it with our viewers!

Politics, the Environment; how Nickelback should be outlawed.  It’s all good!

The only thing we won’t accept are commercials or truly offensive material.   No nudity please, or abuse of penguins….or strange belly buttons, but most everything else is fair dinkum.

Not sure what we’re going to call this feature, but I’m going to share our most popular video from the CFN channel on You Tube.

This video of the Rogue Page, Brigette De Pape has been viewed over 5,000 times.


Your videos don’t have to be studio quality.   They don’t have to be slick.  They have to be real.

Tell a story; share a bouquet or throw a brick at the world.

Our stage just might be your stage!

Please note we can’t accept material that you don’t have the rights to share including background music. What you share has to be yours!

Email us at

You don’t have to be from the area to submit.  We’re happy to share your videos from all over the world!

Best Western Cornwall

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