So I was Cruising Netflix – Memories of Janeane Garofalo on The Larry Sanders Show by Jamie Gilcig – November 24, 2011

CFN –  The twists, turns, and vagaries of life..   For some reason in the 90’s I had a sorta crush on Janeane Garofalo.     It might have to do with the Mabel Normand project I was working on or her work on The Larry Sanders Show; one of my faves.  She was Paula the talent booker with the hot red lipstick Lesbian pout.   There was this one episode where she made out with the UPS guy…

On an episode with Mimi Rogers!


I was in LA and my comedy friends would heckle me about my lust for her.  Of course one was extremely gay; yet had her number and wouldn’t give it to me.   I assured him I wouldn’t do anything crazy, but he said he wasn’t worried about me, but her.

Early Janeane Stand Up


Another comedy friend told me she didn’t look the same in “real life” than on camera.  Really? Did she have three legs?    Of course like most urges my lust for the other JG, one born a scant month after me dissipated, but her work continued.

 Truth About Cats and Dogs with Uma Thurman


And of course we’re both fans of Stephen Harper


Her political views probably have hurt her career or the biz is hard and her pony needs a new trick.

Janeane Garofolo WIKI 

Special thanks to Netflix here in Canada for carrying the Larry Sanders Show and allowing me my senior moment for the day!

I still would probably let her read my old Groo Comic books….

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