Ovechkin 1 – Boudreau 0 – Washington Capitals Fire Head Coach – Russian Diva now has to put up. November 28, 2011

CFN – Another high priced primadonna has caused a head coach to lose their jobs as the Washington Capitals capitulated and fired their coach Bruce Boudreau.

He’s been replaced with long time Caps fan favorite Dale Hunter who may be a good fit with their temperamental Russian super star Alex Ovechkin who clearly wasn’t the same player last year and this while not complaining of any injury.

The Caps got off to a good start this season going 7-0, but the team slowed down as Ovie and his teammate Alex Semin also stunk out the joint.   Boudreau’s record ends at 201-88 -40.

I hate this about pro sports, and while I’m sure Washington will rebound and I like Dale Hunter there’s a stink about this whole thing.   If I was Hunter the first thing I’d do is strip Ovie of his C which of course is why I’m not a NHL coach.   It should be very interesting to see how far the Caps go into the play offs this season…

Boudreau was 17-20 in the play offs which led the team to add more grit and character players.

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