Six Questions with Amy McCormick Brown, AkA Pink Panthahh of Seaway Roller Derby Girls – November 28,2011 – Cornwall Ontario

CFN –  We’re going to be profiling the members  of Seaway Roller Derby Girls and are starting with Amy McCormick Brown who is also in charge of gaining new members.   The league is only a few months old, but has gone from four people with an idea in a park; half of whom didn’t have any equipment to a fully uniformed squad that’s growing each week!   They still need a place to call home.  Who would think that it’d be this hard to rent a full size gym, but the local schools are not co-operating.

Hopefully the Girls can find a full time home soon!

In the meanwhile here’s six questions with Pink Panthahh!

)Question one: What is it about Roller Derby that attracted you to the sport?

When I was 19 or so I used to stay with my Grandfather on weekends because of work and on Saturday nights we would tune into TSN and watch Roller Derby..That was in the late 90’s or so and it was a bit rougher then but I thought it looked like such a cool game. I always wanted to try but never in my wildest dreams think that Cornwall and Area would have our own league and here we begin!
Question two: Who are your sports heroes?

I don’t have  too much interest in many sports so I never really had any sports heros but if I have to pick one I would say Wayne Gretzky he worked hard to become what he is today and I admire that.

Question three: What’s been the hardest thing for you to learn about Roller Skating and Roller Derby?

The hardest thing i think in the beginning of Roller Derby is the challenge of staying on your feet or should I say wheels lol. Another challenge is learning to fall properly and fall small meaning staying in Derby Stance with arms close and body low.

This prevents flailing arms and legs and fingers that can get rolled on. Als othis prevents tripping and that can also be a big problem and cause a pile up lol.  Next would be learning to stop. Last but not least would be learning the rules of the game beacause there is alot more to learn than we all realized.

Question Four: Some people think you have to be a hard core athlete to play roller derby? Is that true?

You don’t have to be a hard core athlete to play Roller Derby. Many of us are working professionals and Moms just looking to have some fun. I think you just have to be dedicated to learning how to play the game and have patience because Rome wasnt built in a day!

Question Five: As recruiting officer for the team what do you tell women about Roller Derby?

As recruting officer I tell girls what they need to know on where we get our equipment and I give them details on costs and such. Then I will tell them not to worry because we all have to start somewhwere and it take some time to get used to the skates. I also have a Fresh Meat welcome package I give to explain everything in more detail.

Question Six: When do you think the team will be ready for its first match?

If we keep training hard and take atvantage of derby 101 classes and as soon as we can get a coach we may be able to play by next year. We welcome new recruits on the first Monday skate of each month to come check us out. We still need another twenty or so girls to form two teams so come and check us out and ask for PINK PANTHAHH 77 and I will gladly help you out. We are located at the Trinity Hall on York and Second St.

For more info about the girls check out their facebook page !


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