National Home Services Invades Cornwall Ontario – Door to Door Sales of Energy Devices Cause Concerns for Vulnerable Seniors – November 29, 2011

CFN – National Home Services has invaded Cornwall Ontario and we caught one of their representatives knocking on doors on this rainy afternoon.   It can seem innocent enough.   A knock on the door and an offer to replace a water tank with a waterless version, but some of the methodology and the simple concept of letting a stranger into your home has drawn concern by many across  Ontario.

Some people even question whether in this day and age this type of selling should even be legal.   Mostly though while the offers are on the contracts; the small print is such that Seniors fall prey to offers that can be exorbitantly more than offered by local merchants for the same products or service.

National Home Services Rep in Action as I do my Fifth Estate with full Movember fuzz.

If you Google National Home Services you see some very disturbing comments.

CBC Marketplace story with the still kinda cute Wendy Mesley on high pressure door to door sales.

Toronto Star story on tricks to replace your water heater.

National Home Services Tricksters in Ottawa 

Who is National Home Services 

In this day and age; especially if you’re a senior the best policy is to not let anyone in your home unless you’ve invited them or are expecting them.   Never sign for high pressure sales tactics.   There are consumer laws, but the safest bet is always to inform yourself and make sure you’re fully aware of what you’re signing before you do and if you need help ask a friend or family member to review any contract or agreement.

And if you’re reading this then you’re computer savvy enough to google any company before you sign on the dotted line and look for warning signs.   It’s always better to protect yourself after than to try and fix a mess after!

Have you been stung by National Home Services or another high pressure door to door sales rep?  Email us your story at or call our hotline at 613 361 1755

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  1. This particular salesperson showed up at our residence, fast-talking and trying to sound like an inspector here to check out our “rented water heater”. We own the unit. When advised that I was on to the scam and blocked his attempted entry, he threatened to return to gain access. Suffice it to say he got a piece of my mind.

    I also witnessed a different salesman denied entry to three homes in another part of the city. That fellow was also misrepresenting himself as someone who had a right to enter the premises on demand. He threatened one householder with repurcussions if he didn’t meet code and was trying to force his way into another home past the lady of the house when her husband came on the scene and unceremoniously put him out of the house, making sure that the neigbours knew exactly what was happening. That rep also insisted that he’d be back to gain access and that he’d bring re-inforcements with him.

    Besides the dishonesty and intimidation tactics, it annoys me that a Toronto company is trying to get business in Cornwall when we have local retailers, installers and technicians. Shop locally – it make sense.

  2. In other jurisdictions a sales tatic is to have a copy of someone’s bill (hydro for example) on a clip board showing the letterhead. This to make you think they are from that organization. I doubt anyone coming to your door needs to see a copy of your bill, to see if you are getting the “savings” plan or whatever. It is aploy to get your account number.

    Thought there was some cooling off period, 10 days and over a 50 dollar contract, to change your mind!

  3. Another interesting note, the link to CBC Marketplace with Wendy Mesley is about a company called Universal Energy. Universal Energy sold 5 years fixed rate energy contracts by hiring sale agents going door to door. Universal Energy was the parent company of… take a guess… National Home Services.

    in 2009, Universal Energy along with National Home Services was brought by a company called Just Energy or Just Energy Fund… Just Energy also has a history of deceptive door to door tactics and some customers called it a scam and such. Just look it up if you don’t believe me.

    I would tell people I know to stay away from these people.

  4. One more thing. If their deals are so good, they wouldn’t need to lock you in any contract with high existing fees.

  5. Anyone who disturbs me at my home trying to sell me something leaves my property very very quickly, and they never come back.

  6. Company is even more sinister than you can imagine

    A Toronto man was charged after an 11-year-old girl was allegedly accosted at her family’s Burlington home this past weekend.

    Halton police says a door-to-door salesman trying to get residents to switch their hot water tank services visited a home on Riverside Drive near Sherwood Forest Park in southeast Burlington on Saturday, March 8 around 12:30 p.m.

    After speaking with the female homeowner who decided not to switch services, the man left the home.

    Shortly after, the mother and one of her two daughters went out to run errands.

    The 11-year-old girl heard a knock on the door and as she went to answer it, she noticed the door was opening. She went upstairs to get a phone, but when she came back down, she was approached by the salesman and was asked her name, how old she was and if her parents were home.

    Police say the man placed one hand on the girl’s shoulder and another over her mouth then told her not to scream and he wouldn’t hurt her.

    When he removed his hand from her mouth, the girl saw an opportunity to escape and ran to the home of a neighbour and called the police.

    The girl was unharmed.

    The man fled the residence, but was arrested by police a short distance away and held for bail.

    Daniel Wight, 19, of Toronto is charged with break, enter and commit assault, forcible confinement and uttering threats.

    National Homes Services is one of a group of companies owned by Just Energy, which has its Canadian headquarters in Mississauga.

  7. Always remember “when something sounds too good to be true then it has to be just that” and I never deal with salesmen at the door. When we owned our own home there was a young man from Ottawa selling vacuum cleaners and another one selling knives and I never fell for it at all. I told them that I didn’t need their services and if I needed anything I would get it locally. Anybody who pushes their way into your home is crooked. These people are made to push since they are on commission but nobody pushes me since I am more like a bulldog at the door if I don’t want someone inside. ARF! LOL LOL.

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