Roger Sauve High Bidder at Dalkeith Historical Society Auction by Michael Cartwright – November 29, 2011

CFN- Well known economist,author, Art collector and Summerstown resident Roger Sauve lucked in Sunday, November 6 with an addition to his Art Collection by out bidding and acquiring the portrait of St.Paul’s Chapel.


The silent auction fund raiser capped off the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the community of Dalkeith with a wine , cheese and oral audible auction held at the Dalkeith Historical Society’s President Frances Fraser’s home on what turned out to be a beautiful Sunday afternoon.


The auctioneers,Rosemary and Reg Harden were seen with  Historical Society member Denny Allen discussing the History of Schooner Bluenose with the introduction of icon Blue Nose donated by Michael E Cartwright who also gifted the portrait of the Chapel.


The Society intends to pursue the acquisition of the Chapel as a place to Archive the areas past and promote the future of historical restoration.

Visit: and follow the progress.

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