Is Peter C Newman Right? Is the Liberal Party of Canada Dead? I ask Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Bernadette Clement – December 6, 2011

CFN –  It’s been a challenging year for Bernadette Clement.   Her first two political elections were resounding successes as Cornwall City Councilor, but then she made the move to the Federal scene.    The fully bilingual and personable lawyer was wooed at all levels of government as a potential star candidate, but was humbled her first time out losing to incumbent Guy Lauzon.

She’s also in the middle of the action at City Hall over the Diane Shaye situation which has blackened the brand of Cornwall Ontario, and while attempts to throw blame on the city clerk and HR manager have been spun in some press the focal point is the CAO, Mr. Paul Fitzpatrick.

I asked her about the new Peter C Newman book; When the Gods Changed; the Death of Liberal Canada;   that suggests that it’s all over for the Liberal party at the Federal level, and her future in politics.

I had a few moments to catch up with Ms Clement at the Liberal Christmas Riding party that took place this past Sunday at the Upper Canada Golf Course.


What do you think?  Is Ms Clement the real deal and where do you think her political future lies?  You can post your comment below.

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