NDP Deputy Leader Thomas Mulcair Levels Blow on Stephen Harper’s Durban Failure – December , 2011

CFN-   Thomas Mulcair took some time from his leadership campaign to take a swing at Prime Minister Stephen Harper.    I’m still boggled at how many candidates they NDP have.   There truly is only one choice for the party.  Any of the nine other than Mr. Mulcair would be a huge step backwards and turn the Orange Crush into orange juice, and not the fresh stuff, but that discounted from concentrate with added sugar…


Coming off a widely praised performance in yesterday’s NDP leadership debate, NDP Deputy Leader Thomas Mulcair took on the government’s continuing failure to act on climate change:

“As yesterday’s debate showed, Canada needs a strong leader on environmental issues to reclaim our place on the world scene. Only the NDP can restore Canada’s reputation as a leader on fighting climate change. I vow to take on Stephen Harper and prevent him from further damaging our reputation on such critical issues for current and future generations.”
Mulcair went on to praise NDP Environment Critic Megan Leslie for her work holding the government to account, saying:
“Today’s opposition motion underscores just how far behind this government is on the issue of climate change. While the rest of the world moves forward to protect future generations, Stephen Harper is moving backwards. The fact that China has accepted to get on board removed one of the Conservatives’ last arguments. Now their hypocrisy is there for all to see.”
In yesterday’s debate, Mr. Mulcair outlined his commitment to introduce cap-and-trade legislation and underscored his track record as a tough regulator on environmental matters.

An experienced public administrator, he has been Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parcs in Quebec. In this role he drafted the most progressive Sustainable Development Act in North America, which led to the modification of the Charter of Rights to include the right to live in a clean environment.

What do you think Canada?  Is Mr. Mulcair the right man at the right time to challenge Stephen Harper in Parliament and the next Federal election?  You can post your comments below.

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