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To make an airplane turn left or right, how many degrees of bank does the pilot normally
roll the airplane ?

Question asked by Ivan



It depends on how much the pilot needs to turn the airplane, or in the pilot language, by how many degrees does he/she need to change the heading of the airplane.

If the heading needs to be changed by just a few degrees, the pilot may only need to roll the airplane about 10 degrees. However, if a large turn is required, the pilot will roll the airplane more, up to a maximum of 30 degrees of bank.

There are displays in the flight deck that show the airplane attitude and heading. Sometimes it appears that an airplane is at a high bank angle, but it actually is only 30 degrees. To roll an airplane left or right on most airplanes the pilot will turn the control wheel to the left or right.


On Airbus airplanes, like A320 or A330 there is no control wheel. Those airplanes have a stick, similar to a joy stick used for video games, beside the pilot’s seat. He moves the stick to the left or right to control the roll movement of the airplane.

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