It’s Your Turn to Nominate our Sweet Heart & Sphincter of the Year for 2011!

CFN – We’re preparing to declare our Man/Woman of the Year for 2011, but I thought we’d open the floor to our treasured viewers and allow you folks to nominate your Sweet Heart or Sphincter of the Year for 2011!

How this is going to work is that you will be able to nominate anyone; local or world wide by posting below.  We will add them to our poll list and open the poll at a set time and let the votes make the decision!

To post your selection below just post your comment, your choice of Sweet Heart or Sphincter and of course why.

Myself I’m going to vote for Elizabeth May, Bob Rae, Maurice Dupelle, Gaye Adams, and Christina Hendricks as Sweet Hearts for 2011.   Ms May for realizing her goals without losing her soul.  Mr. Rae for strong leadership.  Mr. Dupelle for hope.  Ms Adams because she’s made her mark in spite of some huge obstacles here in Cornwall and Ms Hendricks because you always need a hot red head in any Sweet Heart list.

For Sphincter of the Year perennial choice our MP Mr. Guy Lauzon is joined by haters of Free Speech Tim Hudak and Elaine MacDonald.   Ms MacDonald gets special awards for stubbornness and hypocrisy.  Cornwall City Councilor David Murphy doesn’t make this list but he’s at the top of the future Sphincter contest.   Pierre Gauthier; GM of the Habs makes this list too.  Special Sphincter status goes to Michael J Galvin who besides being prez of the local Kinsmen is the media relations officer for Lift Off.   Mr. Galvin while refusing to answer the most basic of questions; “Are the Kinsmen sponsoring Lift Off in 2012?” decided to publish a private comment about his character publicly and then ran tail when he couldn’t debate his point.

So amazing and talented viewers of CFN; who do you wish to nominate for Sweet Heart or Sphincter of the Year, 2011?


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  1. My sweetheart would have to be Steven Harper for doing as he promissed. Lowell Green for telling it like it is. I would have chose a different sphincter altogether, but any type of sphincter would apply to Dalton McGuinty for lieing to us all, for pressing on with his green energy act that will put people out of jobs and out of their homes and so on. The CBC for hiding expenses like that $70,000 party for their late night TV “king” George Stroumboulopoulos and still demanding more money from taxpayers.

  2. Author

    man Yvan, if you spelled George’s last name right you get a cookie!

  3. LOL Copy and Paste my friend…..

  4. Sweet Heart: me
    Sphincter: the preacher

  5. That’s easy:
    Sweeheart: My lovely wife
    Sphincter: The goons who are running/ruining our great country and everyone who was duped into voting for them.

  6. Author

    Hi PJ,

    I think for this contest I need a name to put in the poll for people to vote on. Agree on your wife. She’s a total Sweet Heart! Merry Christmas to you and the Mrs.

  7. “How very galant of him,” says the Mrs. “He’s a very nice young man.”

    And a very Merry Christmas to you!

    I’ll think of names.

  8. OK here goes:

    Sweetheart: Aung San Suu Kyi for continuing grace under the pressure of a brutal regime.

    Sphincter: Stephen Joseph Harper for continuing deceit, contempt, and spinelessness over climate change.
    Runners-up: Peter “Helicopter” MacKay for deceit and waste of taxpayers’ money; Tony “Gazebo” Clement for monstrous graft of $50 million of taxpayers’ money; Peter Van Loan for excusing Conservative dirty tricks in Irwin Cotler’s riding as “freedom of speech;” Peter Kent for spinelessness and a sneering riposte to an opposition MP in the Commons over climate change.

  9. Sweethearts: Maurice Dupelle (is doing a great job listening to the community), Bernadette Clement (Always looks at both sides of a debate without prejudice) and finally all the staff currently at Platinum Pools for being the most loyal and ethical people I know who I will always hold a special place in my heart for!

    Sphincter: South Stormont Council; especially Mayor Bryan McGillis and Tammy Heart for failing to recognize the CCH efforts and for their awful attempt to remain in the limelight.

    City of Cornwall Staff Robert Menagh, Donna Derouchie for disgracing the City of Cornwall and mistreating City Staff. I would not name others indirectly responsible because I have confidence that these people will hang themselves in the very near future!

  10. Sweathearts: South Stormont Council, especially Mayor Brian McGillis and Deputy Mayor Tammy Heart for listening to their constituents and caring about job discrimination.

    Sphincters: All those who justify discrimination with the price of a MRI. Most of the Cornwall City Council who quietly accepted the misdeeds of the city managers.

  11. Sphincters: Rick Shaver (Chamber of Commerce) trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Bob Kilger (Mayor) trying to do the same. But the biggest sphincter of all is Paul Fitzpatrick (CAO) who makes life hell for most of the employee’s he oversees, also charges things he should normally pay for to the City. Thats a real sphincter.

    Sweethearts: Jamie Gilcig (Editor-CFN) for not backing-down in the face of adversity and continuing to bring us the truth. Brian McGillis (Mayor-South Stormont) for fighting injustice as he sees it.

    Yvan: You get the cookie.

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