Letter to the Editor – Larry Kazdan of Vancouver BC Not Happy with Harper Loopholes – December 22, 2011

Dear Editor,

The citizens’ organization Democracy Watch has noted that in Canada it is still effectively legal for a person like Karlheinz Schreiber to fundraise for and make secret donations to nomination race and party leadership candidates, to lobby and make secret deals with Cabinet ministers and government employees, and for everyone involved to be dishonest about their secret, unethical relationships.


The current move by the Conservatives to hold parliamentary committee meetings behind closed doors is just one more example of a government that talks about open government but won’t practice it, and has certainly failed to close dozens of anti-democratic loopholes that still exist.

Larry Kazdan – Vancouver BC

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James Moak


  1. What’s new from our government of deceit and contempt?

  2. Seems to me there were news stories concerning liberal(s) a few years ago, something about envelopes of cash, even reciepts on a cocktail napkin. So I am guessing that changes must take years, but do you have any proof? I am sure this paper would love the scoop.

  3. This is just nonsensical complaining. I doubt there is one person here that does not understand the need for closed door meetings.

  4. I agree with smee. Any government that wants to or has to hide what it’s doing has to have secret meetings.

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