MAKING CHRIST CENTER OF CHRISTMAS by Don Smith December 22, 2011

CFN – If you’re like me you hear people grumbling about all of the pressure to be “politically correct”, sometimes to the degree that the majority viewpoint and values, we are told, must be suppressed.

At this time of year there is a particular focus on making Christmas less and less to do with Christ.  ‘Christ-mas’ – how absurd to think that Christ can be removed from His own birthday anymore than anyone of us can be denied our own annual birthday celebration.

Many retail and other employees are forbidden to wish their loyal customers a Merry Christmas.  In some communities a squeaky wheel minority is making headway in having traditional Christmas decorations removed from public property.

In response there is a growing grass roots movement to turn the tide.  Viral videos circulate the Internet with lyrics like:  “If it doesn’t say ‘Merry Christmas’ in the window, you simply walk right by the door.”  Some employees have drawn the line in the sand and extend the traditional Christmas greeting in spite of company policy.

I’ve done my own informal survey and noted that my Jewish colleagues are quick to extend Christmas greetings.  My Muslim and Hindu colleagues don’t seem to have a problem with it either.  So, just who is doing all of the complaining about Christmas anyway?

Friends sometimes wonder aloud what members of the Christian community can do in a respectful way to stand up for the right to celebrate our holy day, including retaining its proper name.  In our home we’ve come up with a few ideas.  One of them is to support the Alexandria-Cornwall Diocese’s efforts to encourage a return to the practice of displaying outdoor Nativity scenes (figurines of the infant Jesus with parents and sometimes a few secondary figures) on front lawns and in other prominent places.  It’s a way of letting others know that we haven’t forgotten the real meaning of Christmas.

The photos accompanying this article showcase some of the Nativity scenes I’ve noticed while travelling around the area.  Perhaps you know of some others?  Why not submit a photo today to be included in our Nativity gallery?

Readers are invited to submit their photos to .

Laura Flowers


  1. I’ve been wanting a large nativity set for my front yard as I had as a child. This is a great idea!

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