Montreal Media Targeting Canadiens Interim Coach Randy Cunneyworth for not being Bilingual – December 22, 2011

CFN –  The problem with losing hockey in Montreal is that the multitude of media have to find something to write about.   The first week post Jacques Martin has some members of the media targetting interim coach Randy Cunneyworth; as if Randy doesn’t have enough troubles taking over a squad that just doesn’t have it together and probably won’t this season unless some drastic changes occur.

You see Mr. Cunneyworth isn’t bilingual which to some media translates to that he’s not French.

It’s one thing to think it; but quite another to do a piece or voice it on air; but then this is Montreal we’re talking about.

Communication is very important in coaching.  Mr. Martin apparently had issues with how he communicated with his players in either language; but in Montreal apparently it’s a sin to not speak French.

I don’t say that lightly.   Obviously all things considered it’d make a lot of sense for a Montreal coach to parle francais; but the bottom line is always winning Lord Stanley’s Cup; not hanging out with those wacky guys from le journal discussing the ins and outs of Matt Darche.

A quick peek at shows the that highest salary of a Hab with a French name is Louis Leblanc who’s up for a cup of coffee as the team fights off injuries.     Which is more important; communicating with the players or the media?

Of course those of you reading this most likely know the answer to that.  There also is the tradition of the Habs that started when they merged with the Maroons that they alternate between English and French coaches.

Randy Cunneyworth is an interim coach.  Short of winning it all this year nobody really expects him to continue in that role.    He’s being a good soldier and team player.   For any media to be targetting him for this is utterly retarded.    It makes as much sense as Theo Fleury calling for Pat Hickey to get fired.

But that’s hockey in Montreal.    If Pierre Gauthier gets the axe as many are expecting; nay hoping for I’m sure the new GM will want his own guy in as coach.

What we in the media should be writing about is how a team as talented as Montreal gets whacked 5-1 by Chicago as we were last night and why Mike Cammalleri is having his worst season ever in the NHL.

Luckily I can be distracted by the Sens who spite of their lack of talent are playing some gritty and entertaining hockey.

What do you think Hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. I would like to start by saying….”Go Flyers”

    The french issue ” as you well know Jamie” is strictly political. I have worked in Montreal off and on for about 11 years. The French language is only an issue with a select few. Most work is carried out in english and rightly so as it is the universal business language.

    In his case, like all media, they have something negative to report…stir the masses and provide a redirect from the fact the Candians stink this year.

  2. I certainly see the point of deflection away from losing, and other groups will highlight this for their own causes of course. (There is a report today of a group trying to stop a sell out for the next game!)
    Because this is a business in Quebec that depends on revenue from fans, resonable accomodation to reach them needs to be considered.

    With that said, this is only an interim position and Randy is probably the best candidate available. Sure, many in Quebec would prefer the best French candidate. I would like to see English people having a chance at jobs (majority now list bilingual) with the federal government in Eastern Ontario, or a business in Russell Township having a choice on store signs, or less (cheaper) accomodation where numbers do not warrant, but hey, we all don’t get what we want.

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