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Reg at the Long Sault Market
CFN – I am not used to promoting myself in such a direct way but the boss (Jamie) tells me that after all the articles that I have written promoting other businesses that I should put my modesty aside and highlight my own.
Aside from having an interest in this on-line newspaper, I am also the only coffee roaster in the area that can bring you fresh roasted high quality coffee when you want it. Many of you have tasted my coffee at the Long Sault Farmer’s market this year,  and a Cornwall market in previous years but are unaware that you don’t have to wait until summer to order coffee from me.

And what makes me such an expert? Besides over 35 years in the food industry doing product development and quality control for such companies as Canada Packers and George Weston Ltd, I have been roasting coffee as a hobby since 1998, and have received training at the Coffee Roasting Institute in San Francisco and at Robust Coffee in Toronto.

I only formalized my business in 2007 as a graduate of the SEA program at St. Lawrence College and have been growing ever since.

The Freshest Roasted Coffee

Of course there is my name. I have been accused of changing my name as a marketing ploy, but no, Coffey is the name I was borne with. It was my father’s family name and his father’s before that and so on as far back as the genealogy records will take us. It is the name on my birth certificate that was registered at the Cornwall General Hospital and the name on my high school diploma from St. Lawrence High School and my St. Lawrence College diploma. The Department of National Defence records listed me as Sergeant Coffey with the SD&G Highlanders when I finally resigned in 1975.


I only got into the coffee roasting business out of the necessity of not being able to find a good cup of coffee when I found myself living in Pennsylvania for 3 years.

The Coffee Growing Belt

Now I offer some of the finest coffees in the world at reasonable prices. Sourced from Oceania (Sumatra, New Guinea, Australian), Africa (Ethiopian, Tanzania), Central and South American (Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia) and the Caribbean (Dominican Republic and Jamaica), you can pick your favourite and I will roast it on demand to give you the freshest coffee you have ever tasted. I also carry a selection of organic and decaf coffee that will please your palette as well as your budget. The list of coffees and prices are available on my web site and I update them as my stock changes due to availability.

Coffee is not only a food staple for a large segment of the world’s population and the stuff that keeps the minds of its consumers alert, it is also being recognized for its healthy benefits. Just this past week an article was published in by none other than Dr. Oz that states that consumption of coffee has a preventative effect on certain types of cancer. The other health benefits of coffee are really extensive and deserve its own column so I won`t go into a lot of details today. One point though I would like to make is that adding the old double-double stuff does reduce the benefits of coffee so one piece of healthy advice is drink good stuff and drink it black if you can.

Health Zone Cancer Benefit Story Link


Currently my business is based in Ingleside and, except for some limited mail orders, my customer base is in the SD&G area exclusively. I am currently looking for commercial space to expand my operation but it will still be within an easy drive to Ingleside. Claiming to be the local coffee roaster in the area I guess you could ask me, just how local is local. My opinion is it depends on what is available in your area to how far out you can call local. If you have a farm that markets lamb within 20 km of your location how can you justify calling a supplier 100 km away in Ottawa local? Can you call sweet corn grown on the Niagara Peninsula local when you can buy corn grown in your own township? Now that is something to discuss over a nice hot cup of coffee, isn`t it?

Coffee’s Coffey is also available at fine dining establishments such as Knox Fine Dining in Moose Creek Ontario!


Reg Coffey
Coffey’s Coffee


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