Alfie scores come back winner as Sens beat Devils 3-2 – Habs GM apologizes for English Coach – NHL scores – January 3, 2012

CFN –  It’s interesting watching how the Habs keep blowing leads while the Sens keep stealing games by not giving up and storming back to snatch wins.  It also could be why the Ottawa Senators; in a season that most thought would be a rebuilding year are looking like they will make the play offs while media pundits are mulling over stories about who the Habs will dump as the season dwindles along.

Captain Alfredsson scored the winner in OT as Ottawa came back from 2-0 after two and beat the Devils 3-2.  Jason Spezza who was 20-4 in the face off circle scored as did Eric Condra.

You have to love this team.  It’s a lunch bucket squad that just are playing way over their heads and don’t care.   There’s a lot of grit on this team, but they don’t take too many penalities.   Good coaching and good chemistry are going a long way.   I have to admit that I thought last season that GM Bryan Murray should get the chop; but his fire sale and patience have worked.

The Senators are not only winning this year, but are in great cap position too.   I’m almost tempted to put in a request for accreditation and make the trip to Kanata a few times this year, and that says volumes from this person who even when working for the Habs didn’t want to go to games!

It should be interesting to see what moves the team makes as we get closer to the trade deadline…

In other NHL news, Pierre Gauthier is making odd and bizarre statements to the media.    First off apologizing for hiring a unilingual coach in Randy Cunneyworth.   I can’t share how much this disappoints  and embarrasses me as both a Habs fan and a former Quebecer.     Hockey is about winning.  This language crap is why the Nordiques never won jack squat.  It’s for amateurs.     It’s not even worth debating.    It’s a shame that this legendary team caved to a few bored sports writers….

Even Reggie Houle would never stoop to that level of pandering.   While nobody disregards or disrespects that this team plays in a province that by far the majority of citizens are Francophones; and while it’d be a factor that the coach should have a grasp of that language,it’s far more important to communicate to the players than the media.   It’s the coach’s job to coach his players.   Two coaches equal; sure give the nod to the guy that speaks French, but to take any edge in winning away from this team over language is utterly retarded.

You get the best players, coaches, and managers period.   Nothing less than a Stanley Cup is acceptable for Montreal fans of all linguistic background and these idiotic language issues have held this team back.

In other NHL scores;  the Rangers nipped Philly 3-2; SJ needed the shoot out to beat the Canucks 3-2; Edmonton made some long shot bets pay off as they defeated the Hawks 4-3 in Chicago, and Colorado beat Los Angeles 2-1.

What do you think Hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. If the francophone viewers/fans want a french face to talk to and get the low down on the team, they can talk to the GM. I find this whole issue smacks of racism at its best. Most of those complainers can probably speak English anyways….. They just haven’t got over the fact they lost at the plains of Abraham…….. This coming from a French speaking Canadian

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