Letter to the Editor – Joe Hueglin of Niagara Falls Ontario On Harper Government Being a Powder Monkey – January 6, 2012

Dear Editor,

Stephen Harper is preparing Canadians to support a war against Iran by saying for the second time it is “the most serious threat to peace and security in the world”,

Iran has no nuclear weapons as does North Korea, China and Russia nor has it made war on other countries. Rather than this it fought off an invasion by Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, at that time an American ally being supplied with weaponry to avenge their consulate having been overrun.

Canadian Forces have gone to war against Iraq, Serbia, Afghanistan and Libya, not out of threats from these countries to us, but at the behest of the United States.

Iran poses no threat to Canada. Iran poses no threat to Canadians. An Iran War will come about through an attack by Israel, which considers it alone ought to possess nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

In one respect Harper is correct. Iran poses the “greatest threat to peace and security in the world”, not in itself but in that should it be attacked China and Russian spokesmen have both said they will take action. Action resulting in World War III.

Stephen Harper said he would change Canada. He has. Canada is not seeking to influence Israel and the United States to arrive at an accommodation with Iran, thereby bringing peace to the Middle East, as did Prime Minister Pearson . Rather than this, acting as a “peacemaker”, he has placed us in the position of being a “powder monkey” prepared to follow whatever directions Israel and the US choose to take.

Joe Hueglin
Niagara Falls Ontario.

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Agence France-Presse 05/01/2012 8:55 p.m

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  1. Just to keep the conversation going, the International Atomic Energy Agency has concerns about Iran, and the United Nations have at least 2 sets of sanctions put in place.
    The concerns are real and I like the idea of Canada not cowering to the bully in the school yard. But how do we really know Iran does or does not have nuclear weapon grade materials?

    Why pick on Isreal, they are surrounded by countries that don’t have customs we have inherited from people before us, and we owe future generations something. Are they a threat because the majority of it’s citizens are not Muslim, like the 98% of Iran’s 78 million people, 100% of Saudi Arabia and others.

  2. Ahmadinejad has just completed the test on the nuclear enrichment rod and now threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz. That is media hype again; the rods he has refined are strictly for power and do not have the same capability as weapons grade nukes. This Ahmadinejad is laughing at us because we are dumb enough to listen to the media.

    America has been after this guy but cannot find a reason to attack. He has complied with all sanctions and openly invited the US to watch what they are doing.

    Now he has the same abilities for energy as the rest of the so called free world and we are affraid of him for that?

    Ahmadinejad wants to stop the oil from the US, nope I think the US is still trying to horde all the resources for whatever their mandate is. It could be global domination with the only WMD, what makes them different than anyone else? Funny how all of a sudden Ahmadinejad wants to stop oil on the crest of being able to power plants using the same means we do.

    Israel is a tender topic Eric
    Jamie maybe you can verify this coming from Montreal as well as preacher with his bible experience.
    A few years ago, in Montreal, the orthodox Jewish people held some form of a meeting or conference with regards to the escalation issues in the Middle East. They denounced the people living in Israel stating it was against their religion and not their time to be in the land. Certain criteria were set out by God in the book or readings of Solomon pertaining to their return to the Promised Land. I believe the name was or is the three oaths, Israel, and Ephraim (sp is probably wrong). Their claim was these oaths had not been met.

    Could it be this land is not as it should be and the Arab nations have a legitimate reason for being mad? The land was given to Israel by the UN following WWII and I am not sure who gave the UN the power to divide the other nations.

  3. Author

    Smee I’m not going to do the back and forth. What I will say is that Israel was bought and paid for from the British who tried to reneg. Israel has survived countless attempts from its neighbors to extinguish its light. It’s the only true democracy in the region and only true ally of Canada, the US and most Democratic countries of that area.

    If its neighbors treated their minorities as well as Israel does its the region would be a much better place. And no, I will not comment further on this.

  4. There is no need to bantor back and forth Jamie all we need do is watch the news, I am sure we could go on for hours though.

    We all see how well the palestinians are treated and how much the borders are respected.

  5. “We all see how well the palestinians are treated and how much the borders are respected. ”
    Good point, smee.

  6. There is a lot of History there Furtz….and much of it is not clearly defined.

    Instances such as Ben– Gurion claiming Isreal as a seperate entity following the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 on 29 November 1947, which sought to divide the country into two states. Kind of like Quebec wanting to be identified as a independant province, however the Palestinians did not get a uhmmm democratic vote did they??.

    Admin mention bought and paid fro, I see nothing in history which shows anything more then freeland and unrest for the future.

    But of course hindsight is 20/20

  7. Good letter, Joe. Harper’s jingoism is not only a betrayal of Canada’s genius for compromise and peacemaking, so long respected around the world; more worryingly, it’s a symptom of megalomania.

  8. Iran has enough Unranium enriched to 20% that it would not take long to get it to weapons grade and make a bomb in less than a year and that is being optimistic. Iran has paid for and armed many terror groups some of who seek money from Muslim Canadians here in our own country. Sleeper terror cells exist in Canada. Iran has ICBM capability That means their missiles can hit teh USA from Iran. Which means they can also hit Canada remember if you can see them , they can see you. Iran has threatened attack and wiping out the state of Israel and has threatened teh EU and America. Well folks if your friends house is on fire, you help him put it out because those flames could spread to your own house. lastly Once Iran gets a bomb what will stop them from giving it to other Islamic countries who hate the western Infidels. So no Iran can not be allowed a bomb and yes If Canada needs to do it, then assist the international community to insure Iran does not get a bomb. lastly keep this in Mind. Every solider that was killed by an IED in Iraq and in Afghanistan, Iran supplied teh Taliban and the Al quaeda with teh IED. So while it may have been Taliban or Al quaeda that pushed teh button and killed our men and women, it was Iran that supplied them the method and means to do it. Iran needs to be called out on this and stopped and I would rather a war in my time so that my children do not have to face one later

  9. Most Canadians do not understand Islam or teh Quran. Islam first off is not a religion. It is an ideology. The quran is not like the bible. It is a roadmap on behavior and falls in suite with Islam. we are infidels. In Islam infidels can be put to teh sword. In short they dont need an excuse to kill us islam tells them its ok. How many Christians have been killed in Arab countries just because they are Christian. well look at Egypt now teh Muslim brotherhood is Boss. Christian Copts murdered out of hand their churches burned down.
    Now there is a little word called taquiya it means lying. It is ok for Muslims to lie to teh non believer or infidels simply because we are non believer. All one need to do is study the subject I did and frankly we will lose this one if we do not get our act together. Have a look at the film Fitna It has already been judged by dutch courts as truthful

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