Eric Duncan on the March – Young Conservative Politician Next MP for SD&SG? January 9, 2012


CFN – It’s always interesting to look into what makes politicians tick.    Eric Duncan is an unusual politician.   It’s rare to see someone as young as he is be so politically smart and ambitious.

Eric is the Wizard pulling the levers of the Big Blue Machine here in this part of Eastern Ontario.   He has successfully led his own mayoral race where he smashed his opposition and been behind the overwhelming victories of MP Guy Lauzon (who he also works as executive assistant for) and MPP Jim McDonell.

When I look at young Conservatives I always am boggled.  It reminds me of the old saying that if you’re 25 you’d have to be crazy not to be a Communist, and if you’re over 45 Conservative (ok, mangled up that quote!)

For example two Conservatives come to mind; John Baird and Scott Brison.   As Mr. Brison evolved politically he came to terms that his values fit the more traditional Canadian mold of the Liberal party while Mr. Baird has stuck it out underneath and behind Stephen Harper.

With Guy Lauzon approaching 70 and the riding overwhelmingly Blue it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Mr. Duncan slip into the MP role come the next election, and with no viable opposition in SD&SG at the moment either candidate or machine wise would probably garner another large win.

Either way it should be most interesting to track and follow Mr. Duncan’s career….

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  1. Good interview, Jamie. It’s a wonder that someone so young, personable, and apparently intelligent should be under the spell of Reform ideology with its aggressive stupidity. Young and impressionable, I suppose.

  2. I think it’s in the genes, PJ.

  3. Very likely, Furtz.

  4. Mr. Eric Duncan presented himself in a very friendly professional manner. He believes in the Conservative political philosophy and that will make it easier for him to promote the conservative platform to the general public. His collaborative energy within the Conservative association of SD&SG will inspire many within the association to choose him to assume greater leadership responsibilities. He is doing good for himself and he is doing good for his community as he sees fit to do. How we wish we had more young citizens willing to commit themselves to the benefits of our communities. How I wish my Libertarian Party had individuals such as Mr. Eric Duncan.

  5. I don’t know, Darcy. To me, Eric came across as a little smug, elitist, and a bit too sure of himself for a twenty-four year old. I might be wrong, but I doubt that Eric has to worry himself about stuff like paying off a big student loan for his 2010 university degree from Carleton. Watching the interview, all I could see was a youthful Conrad Black breaking into a lucrative political career rather than lucrative business career. I’m sure he will do very well for himself.

  6. A fresh approach is good. However he did work under Lauzon and I think judging a book by its cover is nothing short of prudence with this guy

    And Jamie, what is a political politician?

  7. According to his web site, he’s been working for the Cons, federally and provincially, since before he could walk.
    Think about it. Twenty-four years old, graduated from Carleton with a BA in 2010, just bought his first home in Winchester, and he’s had next to no employment in the private sector. I’m not saying that this is bad, but it’s pretty clear that he comes from a very privileged background, and is probably not too connected with the 99% of the population that lives in the real world.

  8. Author

    Furtz when I see anyone under Forty voting or active in politics it gives me hope. I have to give Eric full credit for what he’s accomplished politically at such a young age. I’m interviewing another new young politicon in Ottawa this week. It’s fascinating to see young people getting involved with politics.

  9. I agree 100% Jamie. To me, it’s the motivation and background of these young (or older) people that jump into a political career that I find interesting. Most of our successful politicians seem to come from comfortable/wealthy families…Pierre Trudeau, Bob Rae, Dalton McGuinty, Jack Layton, Mike Harris and on and on. On the other hand, very few people of “modest means” have a successful career in politics. There are some, but I can’t think of their names.

  10. Author

    Well Furtz, education is I think a key to a strong politician. Coming from a family of some means generally means more opportunities for education; health, travel and a wider scope of the world.

  11. And power. It’s always been this way.
    Furtz 28 : 04 verse 11: And so it will continue, and the workers will work and the rulers will rule.
    Not much has changed in the last few thousand years.

  12. Furtz
    Your post “According to his web site, he’s been working for the Cons, federally and provincially, since before he could walk”

    It pretty much sums up a person with little understanding and experience with the people he wishes to represent.
    This is a problem as he has not learned to crawl before he tries to run. From mommies side to school to Mc Donalds to MP …i dunno seems to spell disaaster for our side

  13. Smee, You nailed it!

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