Letter to the Editor from Janet Annesley VP of Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers – Jan 9, 2012

TO:      Cornwall Free News

RE:       Ezra Levant – Friend of China, but Foe to Canadians

            December 31, 2011



Contrary to the innuendo in this article, no business connection exists between the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and Ezra Levant. Nor does CAPP provide funding to the growing ethical oil movement based on Mr. Levant’s book and we did not help him with his research.


We don’t agree with all of Mr. Levant’s argument but when the alternative to Canadian oil is imported oil, our research says most Canadians agree a responsible domestic option is best. CAPP supports selling more Canadian oil in Canadian markets. Producers, transporters and regulators are examining options to transport oil from the West where it is produced to large consumer markets in Central and Eastern Canada.


CAPP does not advocate for “subsidizing” any country, including China. Companies from many countries invest in the oil sands, including Canada, United States, China, Great Britain, Netherlands,France, Norway, Japan, Korea and Thailand. There is a long history of partnerships and foreign investment to develop oil and gas resources in Canada. Access to capital is important for our industry and investment in the oil and gas sector benefits all Canadians. It’s important to remember that Canadians own the resources and government sets the rules for its development and collects royalties and taxes from its production.


Lastly, the forecast of increasing worldwide energy demand attributed to CAPP in the article actually comes from the consumer-based International Energy Agency, which issues such forecasts on a regular basis.


Janet Annesley


Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Best Western Cornwall

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