Robert Menagh Takes the Bullet Over Shay Case. Is the City of Cornwall Finished Cleaning House? Jan 11, 2012 UPDATED – More Secret Council meetings

CAO Paul Fitzpatrick - student of the Pierre Gauthier school of higher management.

CFN –  Robert Menagh was thrown under the bus   relieved as Human Resources manager

Former Cornwall Manager Robert Menagh

by the City of Cornwall.

The City via CAO Paul Fitzpatrick released a brief memo today to the media.

Mr. Menagh had a low profile using up his vacation weeks after the stir before the holidays when news of the Diane Shay settlement hit the media.

It was suggested that the secret city council meetings that violate the Ontario Municipal Act were dealing with this mess that has cost the city as much as One Million dollars between settlements and penalties to Ms Shay and legal bills as well as the possible

Former GSDL Manager Donna Derochie

connection to Ms Donna Derouchie leaving her position at Glen Stor Dun Lodge; the Senior’s residence where  the drama started.

The city has also been in the news of late regarding its Online Advertising policy that has been suggested to be a penalty for newspapers like CFN for publishing stories about this and other issues?

Mr. Fitzpatrick had not responded to email queries about any settlement with Mr. Menagh as of press time.

The City of Cornwall has relieved Robert Menagh, Manager of Human Resources, of his duties effective immediately. The termination was without cause.

Mr. Menagh has served as Human Resources Manager since January, 2005.

Mayor Bob Kilger said: “Council has decided to seek new direction in the corporation’s Human Resources Department. We thank Mr. Menagh for his years of service, and wish him well in the future.”

What do you think Cornwall?  Is the firing of Mr. Menagh the solution or simply throwing someone who followed orders under the bus?  Would you like to know how much of a settlement Mr. Menagh was given?  Do you think the city should with hold this information?   You can post your comments below.


Within minutes of our story going live a source confirmed that there was another SECRET City Council meeting which looks to be in violation of the Ontario Municipal Board Act at 4 PM Tuesday January 10, 2012

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  1. It was reported in the Freeholder that Menagh was layed off “without cause”. If so, will he will be entitled to severance, EI, and any parachute benefits written into his contract with the city?

  2. Author

    Yes. More wasted tax dollars without cause given by the city …..

  3. Well, if that’s true, I’m gonna apply for the vacated position.

  4. The foundation has finally begun to crumble. 2 down and and 2 more to go. The fact that they layed him off just goes to show how incompetent this city is. Donna, Robert, Bob Kilger and of course Fitzy-boy. The gruesome foursome. If Robert has any nuts left in him, he will take a couple of them down with him.These 4 individuals have ruined many, many lives here in the city. So to Donna and Rob, enjoy your severances, make it last as I really don’t see much of a future for you 2…
    By the way, the Freeloader is owned by Quebecor, which is a Quebec based business. Keep that in mind…. More to come..

  5. A tip for this site. I’m new here in Cornwall after being away for a long long time.However I was a publisher in the early 90’s here. At that time I refused to have any advertising dollars from the city go into any of my publications. I think that I may have generated more revenue without those morons being involved in anything that I did. If I was running a business here, and you told me that you refuse to take any revenue from the city, it would enhance me to spend some of my advertising budget with you…

  6. Author

    So what made you choose to come back to Cornwall?

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