Kinsmen of Cornwall Ontario React to CFN story and Announce Sponsorship of Lift Off 2012

CFN –   The Kinsmen and Lift Off Cabal reacted to our story on Lift Off and put a release together.  While it finally answers one of many questions; which is a great thing, it also spawns a few more questions.

What happened to the monies from 2010?    

Are the Kinsmen still sponsoring Lift Off for 2012?  

Who is on the Lift Off board as of this date, and why is it such a secret??

Why did Lift Off pull their funding request from Cornwall off of the table?  

Why have the 2010 Lift Off web pages been deleted but the site not updated?

Why did the CAO ram through the $30K  unsecured loan in 2011, and the biggie for the hundreds of volunteers who are the real victims of this mess; will there be a Lift Off fest in 2012?  

Why did City Council and the Mayor Support the Unsecured $30K loan?

Why is Lift Off refusing to show their books?  

New Question; feel free to post your own  questions to add to the list below:

Why when queried by the Media did Mr. Galvin simply not  say a release was coming out shortly instead of behave the way he did?

The bottom line is that people want Lift Off to happen.  I would like to see Lift Off happen because I think it truly is great and can be even better for our fair city.    We just need the clique that’s running it neutered or to realize that it’s not their private party on tax payer dollars.   You’d think Paul Fitzpatrick runs it!

Here is their release announcing that Rick Shaver, of the Seaway New and past chair of Lift Off last year for 5 minutes is back.  Lift Off is still not announcing or releasing who is on its board…

As part of their ongoing commitment to Cornwall’s largest multi-event festival, the Kinsmen Club of Cornwall is pleased to announce their sponsorship of the 2012 event.


“The Kinsmen Club of Cornwall is pleased to be able to provide our support to this very worthwhile community event and we look forward to another great festival this July”, says Michael Galvin (President), “At the Team Cornwall “Year in Review”, the City of  Cornwall estimated that the Lift-Off annually generates an economic benefit of over $2,000,000.


This certainly fits with in our organization’s mandate of serving the communities greatest need.”


Festival Co-Chair for Business, Jason Jesmer echoed the sentiments of The Kinsmen Club, adding “We are very excited to have the Kinsmen returning as the Title sponsor for another year. We have a lot of greatnews coming shortly for the 2012 festival including the design and launch of a new website that will feature social media applications so that our guests can get up to the minute information on the festival as we get closer to July.”


Pictured signing the sponsorship agreements are (L-R) Jason Jesmer,
Festival Co-Chair (Business), Mary Marleau, Festival Co-Chair (Events),
Rick Shaver, Kinsmen Vice President, and Michael Galvin, Kinsmen President.

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