Bob Rae Nails Harperites at Liberal Caucus in Rousing Speech – January 12, 2012

CFN –  I am not a card holding Liberal at the moment.  I’m not a card holder of any Federal party; but I have to admit I really like Bob Rae.   It’s not because he’s been generous of his time with CFN.   Frankly I generally only ask interviews of Politicians I have interest in speaking  with.

It’d be so easy to play politics right now for most Liberals. They’ve been written off for dead frankly by many in Canada after their defeat in the last election that saw the Harper Conservatives help manipulate the vote to the point that the NDP won their highest seat count in their party history.

“You attack me; I attack you… that’s exactly what you’re going to get from the Liberal Party of Canada…”

Very Jean Chretien’ish, and a message that I’ve been waiting to hear for a number of years.   I’ve heard people like former local candidate Bernadette Clement murmur about high roads and hide for nearly two years only to get slaughtered come election time.

How often did the Grits stand there and let the Harper squad nail them with attack ads without so much as a squeak back?   It was enough to make me choose to drop the party.  I may never join again, but it does warm my heart to see this great party start to show a pulse again.

I’ve watched infighting sacrifice a good man in Stephane Dion to Conservative attacks.    Face it folks, when you’re in an alley with a group of thugs the likes of Stephen Harper you have to fight to get out.   Not post Ignatieff like while wearing plaid shirts and trying to connect with voters.

Bob Rae may not end up becoming “the guy”, but he’s helped his party immensely.  He’s earning back its wings; its pride, and it’s self respect.   If he can truly unite the party the next election should be very very interesting whether he’s the candidate or not.

In the meanwhile check out his video from today.  There’s some powerful insights, and some powerful comparisons as he dares the Harper team to truly compare his term as Premier of Ontario during a recession against their own; and some great blows dealt about how the Harris government decimated Ontario with its  shortsightedness.


James Moak


  1. This is more like it, Canada!

  2. I like Rae too, and he was probably the best choice for the interim leader. Unfortunately the party infighting is still going on, and he’s made some enemies. Let’s hope that younger, more mature party members get control of this BS. Otherwise, the Libs will remain irrelevant.

  3. so why is Rae better, remember as MPP with the NDP he really messed things up
    As Premier, Rae placed a cap on enrollment into medical schools, now we can work Sundays, surcharge fees…

  4. Bob Rae has learned and improved since he was a Premier, the Liberal party has not shown much varience on policy since they were kicked out federally 6 or 7 years ago. Perhaps he can put some ideas together to help Canada, not just the party, that Canadians want, some people would like him to have that chance.

    The Liberals have had a few scare tactics along the way, remember tanks in the streets, and do OK with them, but they still have to fight older policies that have shaped Canada to what is has become.
    Of course, Bob Rae should get Buffalo New York to remove his man of the year award during his Premier days for sending business away from Ontario.

  5. I hear the Fiberals are dusting-off their American flags and other memorabilia and will make Canada the 51st state if they have their way.

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