Habs Dump Mike Cammalleri for Rene Bourque & a 2nd Round pick after losing to Bruins – Sens Shut Out Rangers 3 – 0 January 13, 2012

CFN – Friday the 13th will never be the same for Habs fans!   What the heck is going on in Montreal?  The Habs just traded their biggest star; albeit Mike Cammalleri is having his worst NHL season, but then this team is a mess and guys like Cammy don’t work their best in those scenarios.

Listening to Team 990’s Tony Molinaro this morning and Tony is pointing a finger at Bob Gainey who’s impact from the shadows does seem to be apparent.

The Habs made a mid game trade during last night’s loss to the Bruins.  Not sure if the goal is to run this team into the ground, but this trade is as odd as the Halak trade.

Jaroslav Halak returned to Montreal this week and shut out the Habs.    With Carey Price about to command in excess of $5M per year after this season who would you rather have?  I can tell you who the paid faithful at the Bell Centre would choose.

Mr. Molson, and surprisingly Mr. Gainey, seem to forget what the fan base in Montreal expect and will support.   And that’s championship hockey.  It doesn’t mean that you have to win every year, but you have to play like Champions.    Mike Cammalleri was a free agent that chose Montreal.   For years players did not even consider Montreal unless they had no other options; never mind sign in the prime of the careers as Cammy did.

His voicing publicly his concerns of the organization to me aren’t what Eric Engels suggested; but indicative of what Patrick Roy did to Reggie Houle.   And it was handled in manner just as bush as how they handled Roy.

When you have a talent like the Habs had in Cammy and you want to move it, you shop it.  It’s not hard.   Same as the Halak situation.     Montreal gets Rene Bourque; a good NHL talent who makes half the money as Cammy, but at best is a grittier Michael Ryder – 25 or so goals per year with some grit.

In the play offs; when the money is on the line you need players who make magic happen as Cammy did in the semi finals it was Cammy putting up the points.

Bob Gainey made some questionable moves to bring in Scott Gomez and then signing Brian Gionta.   It’s helped attract talent to Montreal even if the Habs have to overpay a bit.   There was a semblance of structure to the team.

Today, after two years of fractured management we have a head coach gone; an assistant coach sacrificed; an interim coach sacrificed, and now a team losing one of its cornerstone stars.

I have a hunch Calgary is having a great big laugh today.   They picked up a star for a second round draft pick and a higher end Travis Moen with a French name.    Montreal is not going to the play offs and I’m sure there is a line up in the dressing room looking for the exit door.

Not good.   There are going to be some dark days for Habs fans on the horizon.   Thank goodness Ottawa is not that far away as they are playing some great hockey; shutting out Conference leaders, the NY Rangers who feature a talented young defenseman named Ryan McDonagh, a throw in on the Scott Gomez deal….

What do you think Hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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