Letter to the Editor – Joe Hueglin of Niagara Falls Ontario on Pipeline Debate & Mr. Harper – January 20, 2012

Dear Editor,

Prime Minister Harper’s analogy is of Canada not being a ” ‘giant national’ park for the U.S.” and that the “Pipeline debate should be left to Canadians” More valid is this: Canada is a giant resource base.

He would have American environmentalists excluded from pipeline debate. For consistency so too ought all foreign owned companies (and their lobbyists in Ottawa) for Canada is not paramount in their arguments and interests.

Security of supply for central or eastern Canada to Harper is of no concern. To him “there’s nothing the government can do about it. . . . it is fundamentally a market-based decision. We don’t dictate pipelines go here or there.” so reliance of these parts of Canada on sources that could be cut off in wartime is accepted.

Unfortunately the result for Canadians of his philosophy that economics is “market-based” and “there’s nothing the government can do about it.” is foreign ownership of resources and manufacturing (Stelco, Inco, Nortel) and increasingly reductions in workers’ wages and benefits.(Vale, Stelco, Caterpillar)

While in Stephen Harper’s view “I think [being market-driven has] served the country well.” it can be argued government doing nothing serves not Canadians or Canada. We become more and more producers and exporters of raw materials rather than products made from them, not a “giant  national parka for the US” but rather a giant resource base for China and other countries as well as the U.S..

Yours truly,

Joe Hueglin
Niagara Falls, Ontario

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James Moak

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  1. Now that China owns 100% of the MacKay River oil sands project, are they expected to butt out of the Kitimat pipeline discussion? I don’t get it. We happily sell off our oil resources to foreign entities, and then Harper says that foreigners should have no say re environmental concerns. Actually, I do get it. Harper works for Big Oil, foreign and domestic.

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