Zach Paikin and Keith Beardsley VIDEO Interviews from the Liberal Caucus – Jan 20, 2012

CFN –   I caught up with Keith Beardsley at the Liberal Caucus at the Ottawa Convention Centre.     It was old and new.    Dr. Evil has been in Canadian politics for an awful long time.   He worked for three Prime Ministers, Mulroney, Clark, and Harper and now works the spin biz with True North when he’s not writing for just about every political rag out there including us where he writes his View From the Hill Column!  He was covering the Caucus convention for iPolitics where he took some vintage Beardsley shots at the Grits.


But what brought me to Ottawa on that chilly Sunday was 20 year old Zach Paikin; son of TV Ontario Politico Steve Paikin.    I feel the only hope for our Democracy is to get young people involved in Politics.  If young people care more about American Idol than the world they are about to inherit we’re totally doomed.

Yes, most have a lot to learn, but every once in awhile you see a real precocious youngun like Eric Duncan here in SD&SG who at a tender age is the man pulling the levers behind several humongous election wins.

And then there’s Zach who at the age of 20 had the temerity to try and become the Liberals chief of policy.  He didn’t quite win, but I’m sure it’s not the last we’ve heard from Mr. Paikin.


We need to encourage and support young people and hope that they can look and learn from history.   It’s all of our futures.

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  1. Wow, Zach is an impressive young man……. and Keith is an impressive not so young man.

    It is very encouraging seeing a young politician as poised and articulate as Zach.

    Great interviews Jamie

  2. “Good people don’t run.” – Keith Beardsley on Joe Clark not running for the PCs in the 1990s.

    Consequence: Stephen Harper.

  3. I always wonder how some people that young become so dedicated to one political party or other. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but I suspect there has to be an indoctrination process starting at a very early age….something like religion.

  4. Edit: “something like religious indoctrination”.

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