Life Trends – Facts And Figures That Matter to You – South Dundas and South Glengarry leads regional population growth by ROGER SAUVÉ.

CFN – Statistics Canada has just released the first population estimates based on the 2011 Census.


The population of Canada increased by 5.9% from 2006 to 2011 to a total of 33,476,688. According to Statistics Canada “Net international migration (the difference between immigrants and emigrants) accounted for two-thirds of Canada’s population growth during the last 10 years, and natural increase (the difference between births and deaths) for about one-third.”


Detailed numbers are also available for our local region.


South Dundas had the biggest population increase (+2.5%) to 10,794 with North Dundas up by 1.2% to 11,225.


In terms of growth, South Glengarry ranked second fastest (+2.2%) in the region to a total of 13,162.


The population of the City of Cornwall advanced to 46,340, up by a slower 0.8% from five years earlier. The population of South Stormont also increased by 0.8% to 12,617 while North Stormont was basically flat (+0.1%) and remained near the 6,775 mark.


North Glengarry suffered a significant population decline (-3.6%) to 10,251 in total. The population of Hawkesbury, on the Ontario side, saw its size shrink by 2.9% to 10,551. In contrast, the Hawkesbury population living on the Quebec side jumped by 12.8% to 1,577.


Results are also available for each Federal Electoral Districts. The total population of the Stormont, Dundas and South Glengarry riding crept up by 1.2% to 100,913 in 2011 while the people count for the Glengarry, Prescott and Russell riding advanced by 7.6% to 112,212.


More information will be released over the next year.


Roger Sauvé is President of  People Patterns Consulting. Roger is an economist and demographer.

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  1. Atta boy Roger, we can always count on you to give us the numbers.

  2. I never knew that Hawkesbury had a Quebec side. I always thought that the other side of the bridge was called Grenville.

  3. According to Census notes, there is one census metropolitan area (Ottawa-Gatineau) and 3 census agglomerations that cross provincial boundaries. Campbellton NB, Hawkesbury Ont, and Lloydminster AB. It has something to do with the majority of the population being in one province, and I would imagine because it is a federal census.

    Does this alter some statistics though because of different provincial health care or language?

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