NDP Deputy Leader Thomas Mulcair takes a break from campaigning to wish CFN Happy 3rd Birthday! – February 8, 2012

Thomas Mulcair with CFN publisher Jamie Gilcig

CFN –   As many of you know Thursday February 9th is our 3rd Anniversary of The Cornwall Free News and birthday emails and phone calls have started to trickle in this week!

Deputy leader of the Federal NDP and front runner to replace Mr. Layton as leader, Thomas Mulcair; MP for Outremont, took a break from his hectic schedule to send in the following:

Sincere congratulations to the Cornwall Free News for three years of excellence!

Bravo to Jamie Gilcig and team for this little gem of news gathering and analysis.


Thomas Mulcair
MP Outremont (Québec)
Deputy Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada

It’s greetings like that which make this job more fun!   We’ve covered stories and people coast to coast of this great nation and are much larger in scope than our fair city while still focusing intently on what makes Cornwall tick!

We’ll be releasing more greetings as they roll in and if you wish to have a note or video published email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com


  1. Good to see he took the time to wish you and the CFN a happy 3rd anniversary! Also in the photo it looks like his cup is pretty tiny 🙂

  2. Author

    He Steph, that actually was my Team Cornwall card he is holding.

  3. Oh alright now I see that it is clearly a card. That is much better than a tiny coffee cup lol.

  4. Where is your Team Cornwall card now Jamie?

    By the way, happy anniversary partner.

  5. Author

    Alas Reg I have resigned from Team Cornwall and will not attempt to be a member again until we have a Cornwall resident that truly represents our wonderful community as President.

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