Never Bring a Veggie Apron to a Gunfight – Failed Council Candidate Todd Bennett calls me out – February 15, 2012

CFN –   Ring Ring.   It’s my phone.  One second please.

Valued CFN Viewer

Did you see what Todd Bennett wrote about you on facebook?


Let me check.  No, I can’t see;  he’s unfriended me.

Valued CFN Viewer

He’s calling you out for your Corruption poll.


That’s weird.  It’s not terribly cool to call someone out when they can’t read what you’re saying or respond.  Sorta like me hiding in a closet and whispering that Stephen Harper is a fascist US sell out and destroyer of Canada whose MP’s suck his hind quarters and have zero original thought.   I mean; to whisper that in a closet is one thing; but to say it in print quite another.

Valued CFN Viewer

So are you going to nail him.  (tittering)  Are you going to give him the Gonzo Gilcig treatment?


I don’t know.   I’d have to read what he said first and then see if it’s worth the bother?

When you’re in the public shite gets said or written about you all the time?  You can’t just run off at the mouth like certain Cornwall Ontario City Councilors….

So our amazing viewer sent me the link to where I could see what Mr. Bennett had written.    It’s odd as I really do like Todd.  During the election I said nice things about his run for Council, and even though he’s a Conservative I was open to listen to his message.

Since then he’s said some really odd things and has a column with my rejected protege Jason Setnyk on my fired contractor Chris Savard’s HUB; the one that depends on aggregation to garner traffic.  (And the one we’ve kicked back into darkness on Alexa in spite of his aggregation)

What was odd reading Mr. Bennett’s piece is that if you’re going to take a shot at someone you have to be able to answer for it.   You have to stand by it.   When Claude MacIntosh called me out in his column he actually called and asked me questions.   He got a quote or two.  While he had a definite angle there was some objectivity.   Some of the quotes he used from some mental giants like Councilor David Murphy were laughable and exposed Mr. Murphy to ridicule.   Councilor Gardiner told total porkies which anyone that checked his ridiculous comments out could verify.   For example we clearly endorsed candidates that did not purchase advertising during the campaign and we clearly did not endorse some that did.

So having someone with a column from a “jealous sister”   “calling me out” is frankly…..not newsworthy.   Like I said I like Todd.  When I want advice on Veggies in Cornwall I go down to Farm Boy where he works and he’s helpful.   How he ended up at the head of the Arts and Culture committee is well…Cornwall Cronyism at its finest.

As for Mr. Bennett’s next run at council… well with Denis Carr, David, Murphy, Glen Grant, Leslie O’Shaughnessy, and possibly one or two others currently in place I can see a Conservative effort to score a Hat Trick in SD&G with the MP and MPP being Conservative.    I’m sure there’s a hunger to have the mayor be a Conservative too.

It’s amazing to see the efforts that certain Partisan politics will go to try and silence the only non-conservative media in our region.

In the end all Mr. Bennett has done is reinforce why some names were on that list.  He stated facts based on his own conclusions or those that he’s parroted.

And sadly that just may be what many voters want.   It should be interesting to see how he does next Municipal election indeed?

And it’s interesting to see that the Corruption poll drew double the votes as the integrity poll.   What does that say about what people really think?

We still have yet to ever receive a single complaint about the first poll.  A poll that Mr. Bennett neglected to report that the public not only voted on; but chose the names.   I have received a lot of pats on the backs and nods of agreement.

I love this town.  It’s never boring.  Good luck Todd.    Just remember an open mind is always much more fertile than a head up the buttocks.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News.

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  1. It is good for us to see a day in your life, not to make ours look less like a soap opera, but to see the various minds at work, or play behind the curtain if you will.

    Staying focused and positive will really drive them nuts…….

  2. Author

    Thanks Eric and that’s what I’m doing as I focus on getting Spotlight Cornwall ready to roll for Spring 🙂

  3. Todd “unfriended” Jamie on Facebook. He then proceeded to “call out” Jamie concerning the poll on corruption knowing full well that Jamie couldn’t see it on Facebook. I guess thats what happens when you hang out with the likes of Jason Setnyk and Chris Savard….you lose all character!

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