Thomas Mulcair Federal NDP Leadership Bid Gaining Steam Across Canada – February 15, 2012

CFN – With the February 18th membership deadline for the New Democratic Party’s spring leadership vote drawing near, Professor Charles Taylor, one of Canada’s preeminent academics and a long-time champion of the NDP in Quebec, released an open letter supporting NDP Deputy Leader Thomas Mulcair in the party’s leadership race.


The letter was sent by email to over 40,000 party members, along with a call for New Democrats to use the four remaining days before the membership cut off to help bolster their party’s ranks.


Taylor wrote:

“Tom has made an invaluable contribution to establishing our party here in Quebec, thanks to his exceptional ability to listen and his sensitivity to the needs and aspirations of his constituents. Looking ahead I think his presence is essential for the party to maintain its momentum—especially after the loss of our extraordinary leader, Jack Layton.”


“But my main reason for supporting Tom is that I believe he is best equipped to convince Canadian voters of the merits of the NDP’s program—as well as the adverse consequences and dangerous policies of the current government. “


Mulcair thanked Taylor for his support saying, “It is truly an honour to receive the support of such a distinguished Canadian as Charles Taylor. He is a philosopher, an educator and an academic whose work is known around the world. Charles Taylor has worked with NDP Leaders from Tommy Douglas to Jack Layton to help develop a place for the Party’s ideals in Quebec. I am humbled by his support.”


The email to members went on to urge New Democrats to join Taylor in supporting Thomas Mulcair and encourage them to sign up new party members “If you believe, like Charles Taylor, that Thomas Mulcair is the candidate who can take our party to the next step, please commit to signing up one new member by February 18th.”


Charles Taylor is the latest in a long and growing list of prominent Canadians supporting Mulcair’s campaign including notable figures such as Manitoba’s first NDP Premier and former Governor General Ed Schreyer, Noble Prize-winning climate scientist Professor Andrew Weaver and former President of the Ontario Federation of Labour Wayne Samuelson.


Professor Charles Taylor is considered Canada’s preeminent philosopher. Professor Taylor has been awarded the prestigious Kyoto and Templeton prizes for his contribution to the field of philosophy and is a Companion of the Order of Canada.

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  1. Author

    Nick I think the core NDP have to ask whether they want to build on their historic election results; that Mr. Mulcair was chiefly responsible for; or going back to the 20-30 seat “hobby” party?

    Next election history will show whether those 100+ seats were an aberration or a beginning….

  2. No potential NDP leader will fill Jack Layton’s shoes. The time has come for the two center-left parties to merge if they are serious about eventually defeating the now united Reform/Conservative party.

  3. Author

    Pete I think that depends on who the leaders are. It should be interesting to see both in action even if Mr. Harper has a majority.

  4. Mulcair was almost a Harper conservative and he was a liberal before joining the NDP, he will never get my vote…Nathan Cullen is the only one who has a realistic plan to beat harper (joint nomination at the polls) and he will be getting my vote.

  5. It’s just basic mathematics. Harper and MacKay figured that out a few years ago. Now it’s time for the Libs and NDP to wake up and do the same. A two way split on the center-left will give the Cons a free ride, just like the Reform/Con split gave the Libs a free ride. Stockwell Day would be our PM now if the Reform/Con merger had happened a few years earlier. Now, that’s a scary thought.

  6. Author

    John it’s thinking like that that makes for a 3rd place finish. You said something highly insightful though. I think that if you take three leaders of the NDP, CONS, and LIBS, you have three shades of vanilla. The differences between the three would be far less than you’d imagine.

    The reasons why the NDP won 100+ seats this election had very little to do with “Traditional” NDP values. It’s up to the party now to show whether it truly was an illusion or not. Who they pick as a leader will 100% dictate that.

  7. It is hard to trust Mulcair with leadership after the NDP was hurt by Rae’s defection to the Liberals after he was Ontario’s first NDP Premier. The reason he defected was because of the NDP stand on Israel. Will Mulcair be any differrent? I don’t think so. If Mulcair wins , we will have a liberal part lead by an ex-NDPer and an NDP party lead by and ex-Liberal, and an almost Conservative! Great for Harper.

  8. That’s a great observation, Wendy. If the Libs and Dippers can swap leaders like that, why can’t they just merge and form a viable opposition to the Reformatories? Actually I think I know the answer to that question. It has to do with inflated egos.

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